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Handbook of Internal Migration in India

Handbook of Internal Migration in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • S. Irudaya Rajan - Professor, Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Sumeetha M. - Assistant Professor in Economics, Christ University, Bengaluru

December 2019 | 768 pages | SAGE India

Handbook of Internal Migration in India is an inter-disciplinary, multi-faceted and thought-provoking book on internal migrants and their dynamics among the states in India. The first of its kind, this handbook provides novel information on processes, trends, determinants, differentials and dynamics of internal migration and its inter-linkages with individuals, families, economy and society. Most of the chapters have been written by scholars of repute who have spent their lifetime working on migration and the factors associated with it.

This handbook is an attempt to address the lacunae in internal migration studies using both big data, such as Indian censuses, National Sample Surveys, India Human Development Surveys and Kerala Migration Surveys, and micro-level data collected by enthusiastic researchers in most parts of India to explore the unknown facets of internal migration. This book employs interdisciplinary and mixed methods to examine issues such as climate change, gender, urbanization, caste/tribe, religion, politics and emergence of migration policies. It addresses the crucial question as to why temporary and short-term migration continues to be an important livelihood strategy for millions of migrants thereby having an everlasting impact on the sociopolitical and economic structure of the country.


Foreword by Vinod Mishra
Part I: Introduction
S. Irudaya Rajan and Sumeetha M.
Migrant Odysseys
Part II: Macro Perspectives
Santosh Mehrotra
Employment, Urbanization and Education: Migration’s Mega Challenges
Arup Mitra
Rural Migrants with Urban Jobs
M. Imran Khan
Labour Migration: Trends and Characteristics
Sandhya R. Mahapatro
Internal Migration: Emerging Patterns
Bhaswati Das and Rajni Singh
Domestic Remittances
Pinak Sarkar
Associated Gains from Migration
Part III: State-Level Perspectives
Floriane Bolazzi
Labour Casualization and Spatial Mobility
Kunal Keshri
Temporary Labour Migration
S. Irudaya Rajan, K. C. Zachariah and S. Sunitha
Student Migration
Rukmini Thapa
Building Resilience: Compulsions and Challenges
Aijaz Ahmad Turrey and Tulika Tripathi
Impact of Migration on the Local Labour Markets
S. Irudaya Rajan, Bernard D' Sami, S. Samuel Asir Raj and P. Sivakumar
Demographic and Social Profile
S. Amuthan
Impact of Rural Out-Migration
M. S. Raunaq
Migration and Widening Labour Divide
Nandan Kumar
Diversification of Household Labour
Manasi Mahanty
Distress Migration
Part IV: Migration and Caste
Kalyani Vartak and Chinmay Tumbe
Migration and Caste
Amitabh Kundu
Migration Trend and Vulnerable Populations
Sumeetha Mokkil Maruthur
Labour Process in Migration
Nidhin Donald Nasrani
Nasrani Family Histories and Migration
Bhagyoday Khandare, Himanshu Chaurasia and Sunil Sarode
Tribal Migration
Anjali Borhade, Milind Babar, Isha Jain, Vishika Yadav, Pallavi Joshi, Karthik Prabhu, Ajay Shekhawat and Subhojit Dey
The Saga of Tribal Livelihood Migration
Part V: Migration and Gender
Amrita Datta
Gendered Spatialities
Jajati K. Parida and S Maheswaran
Unexplored Facets of Female Migration
Sonia Krishna Kurup
Female Caste-based Labour Migration
Sunetra Ghatak
Women’s Economic Migration
Tina Dutta and Annapurna Shaw
Middle Class Women’s Migration
S. Irudaya Rajan and Sumeetha M
Women Workers on the Move
Neha Rai
Narratives of Left Behind Women
Part VI: Migration and Urbanization
R. B. Bhagat
Urban Migration and Policy Issues
Jajati K. Parida and Ravi K. Raman
Migration and Urbanization
Renu Desai and Shachi Sanghvi
Circular Migration and Urban Housing
Arvind Pandey and Ajit Jha
Occupational Mobility in Migrants
Namrata Ahirwar and Kunal Keshri
Maternal Healthcare in Slums
Part VII: Migration and Politics
Samir Kumar Das
Displacement and the Biopolitics of Development
Ranabir Samaddar
Migrant, City and Changing Lives
M. Suresh Babu, Mansi Wadhwa and M. Vijayabaskar
Adverse Incorporations and Subnational Welfarism
Charvaak Pati
Spaces of Alienation and Resistance
Shahana Purveen
Politics of Sons of Soil
Part VIII: Emerging Issues
Deepak K. Mishra
Nature of ‘Unfreedom’ among Migrants
Avijit Mistri
Climate Change and Migration Nexus
Amrita Sharma and Divya Varma
Behind the Shining Brick and Mortar
Rabiul Ansary and Bhaswati Das
Cyclical Mobility
S. Irudaya Rajan, I. V. Prasad and Rinju
Migrant and Language
Madhusudan Nag
Family Migration
Divya Varma and Amrita Sharma
Precarious Employment in Power Looms
Rikil Chyrmang
Economic Inequality and Migration
Helga Thomas and Govindappa Lakshmana
Needs of Migrants
Part IX: Migration Policy
Meera Sethi and Debolina Kundu
Migration Policy: Where Do We Stand?
Varun Aggarwal and Saniya Singh
Integration Policies for Interstate Migrants
Nabeela Ahmed
Vulnerability and Social Protection Access
Divya Ravindranath
Access to Maternal Health Programme
Ansari P. A. and Caroline Osella
Challenges to Stakeholders
Vicky Nandgaye
Exclusion of Migrants in Policy
S. Irudaya Rajan and U. S. Mishra
Migration and Financial Transfers
Key features
• Presents a diverse collection of  studies from all over India to cover micro-level case studies as well as macro perspectives on migration

• Addresses important questions like remittances, discrimination in the labour market, education, gender and migration, networks, role of state, casual work, family migration and various other aspects of internal migration

• It covers macro-economic dynamics of domestic remittances that rarely receive attention in academic studies.

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ISBN: 9789353285609

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