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Health Politics and Policy

Health Politics and Policy

Four Volume Set
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February 2011 | 1 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

The last half of the 20th century witnessed explosive growth in science and technology in the developed world, including extraordinary developments in medicine. As medicine's capacity and complexity has grown, so has the popular sense that health care is a right and that the political system should deliver the care. Today, political systems grapple with every imaginable facet of health and health care, from educating and regulating the health workforce to creating systems to pay for the cost of care; from setting and funding the biomedical research agenda to determining who gets what care, when; from clinical preventive services to broader agendas for promoting population health. Although many of these questions seem economic in nature, they are inescapably political questions regarding the authoritative allocation of resources in response to the contention of values and ideas.

This major reference collection shines a bright light on health politics. The editors have organized and introduced some of the best of the canon of health politics literature in four volumes covering political analysis of the emergence and shape of health systems, public perceptions of government's responsibility to assure the delivery of care, health care in a comparative perspective, and the politics of health reform.

Volume 1: Defining Health Systems - Path Dependence and Policy Emergence contains articles that emphasize critical perspectives on the development of given health system structures, with particular attention to the choices, and the paths that led to those choices, in favour of systems driven by private sectors (such as that of the United States) and systems that are more explicitly public (such as the European systems).

Volume 2: Tensions in Health Policy - Ethics, Interests, and the Public treats health and health care broadly, including considerations of questions about the meaning of assertions to a "right" to health, the role of prevention in individual and public health, and contentious health care questions such as those surrounding stem cell research and reproductive rights.

Volume 3: Health Systems in Comparative Perspective includes articles that illustrate global differences in the politics and policy of health care.

Volume 4: the Contemporary Politics of Health System Reform examines the politics of health reform, including articles that address reform proposals as the sources of political conflict they inevitably are.

Path dependence and system determinants
Ideology, Medical Technology, and Health Care Organization in Modern Nations

David Mechanic
Institutions, Veto Points, and Policy Results: A comparative analysis of health care

Ellen Immergut
The Historical Logic of National Health Insurance: Structure and sequence in the development of British, Canadian, and U.S. medical policy

Jacob Hacker
Nothing Succeeds Like the Right Kind of Failure: Postwar national health insurance in Canada and the United States

Antonia Maioni
Maternal Health Care Policy: Britain and the United States

Sue Tolleson-Rinehart
Tracing the evolution of health policy processes
Understanding Social Insurance: Fairness, affordability, and the 'modernization' of Social Security and Medicare

Theodore Marmor and Jerry Mashaw
The Political Economy of Medicare

Bruce Vladeck
A Political History of Medicare and Prescription Drug Coverage

Thomas Oliver, Philip Lee and Helene Lipton
The Lessons of Success: Revisiting the Medicare story

David Blumenthal and James Morone
Regulating health policy
Protection without Capture: Product approval by a politically responsive, learning regulator

Daniel Carpenter
State Legislative Staff Influence in Health Policy Making

Carol Weisert and William Weissert
Litigation and Public Health Policy Making: The case of tobacco control

Peter Jacobson and Kenneth Warner
Policy experimentation
States as Policy Laboratories: Emulating success in the Children's Health Insurance Program

Craig Volden
The Curious Conversion of Empire Blue Cross

James Robinson
Ethics, Justice, Governance, Rights, and Health Care
The Struggle for the Soul of Health Insurance

Deborah Stone
Enemies of the People: The moral dimension of public health

James Morone
Health as Citizenship Narrative

Candace Johnson
Civil Wars Kill and Maim People Long After the Shooting Stops

Hazem Adam Ghobarah, Paul Huth and Bruce Russett
AIDS and the American Health Polity: The history and prospects of a crisis of authority

Daniel Fox
Equity and Population Health: Toward a broader bioethics agenda

Norman Daniels
Health, Equity, and Reproductive Risks in the Workplace

Cynthia Daniels, Maureen Paul and Robert Rosofsky
Preserving Community in Health Care

Ezekiel Emanuel and Linda Emanuel
Public Opinion, Electoral Conflict, and the Representation of Interests
Political Preference Formation: Competition, deliberation, and the (ir)relevance of framing effects

Jamie Druckman
Does Policy Debate Reduce Information Effects in Public Opinion?: Analyzing the evolution of public opinion on health care

Ryan Claassen and Benjamin Highton
The Importance of Social and Political Context: The case of AIDS activism

M. Kent Jennings and Ellen Ann Andersen
"Culture of Life" Politics at the Bedside: The case of Terri Schiavo

George Annas
The Translation of Interests into Policy
Brokering Health Policy: Coalitions, Parties, and Interest Group Influence

Michael Heaney
Buying Expertise: Campaign contributions and attention to policy analysis in Congressional committees

Kevin Esterling
Reconsidering the Counter-Mobilization Hypothesis: Health policy lobbying in the American States

David Lowery, Virginia Gray, Jennifer Wolak, Erik Godwin and Whitt Kilburn
The Politics of Obesity: A current assessment and look ahead

Rogan Kersh
The Meaning and Measure of Policy Metaphors

Schlesinger Mark and Lau Richard
Health policy, divergence, and convergence in systems
The Challenge of Comparative Health Policy for Political Science

David Falcone
Setting Health Priorities across Nations: More convergence than divergence?

Blank Robert and Viola Burau
Five Metaphors about Global-Health Policy

David Stuckler and Martin McKee
Exceptionalism is the Rule?: U.S. health policy innovation and cross-national learning

Lawrence Brown
Health Policy and the Political Marketplace
How Does Private Finance Affect Public Health Care Systems?: Marshaling the evidence from OECD nations

Carolyn Hughes Tuohy, Colleen Flood and Mark Stabile
Market Failure and the Failure of Discourse: Facing up to the power of sellers

Bruce Vladeck and Thomas Rice
Health Equity in Transition from Planned to Market Economy in China

Jun Gao, Juncheng Qian, Shenglan Tang, Bo Eriksson and Erik Blas
The Enactment of National Health Insurance: A Boolean analysis of twenty advanced industrial countries

Charles Blake and Jessica Adolino
Change and adaptation
The Politics of Modernization: Britain's National Health Service in the 1980s

Patricia Day and Rudolf Klein
Universal Health Care: Lessons from the British experience

Donald Light
Has Solidarity Survived?: A comparative analysis of the effect of social health insurance reform in four European countries

Hans Maarse and Aggie Paulus
An Experiment with Regulated Competition and Individual Mandates for Universal Health Care: The new Dutch health insurance system

Pauline Rosenau and Christiaan Lako
Political culture and variance in health policy
Political Cultures, Health Systems and Health Policy

Sara Atkinson
Effect of Democracy on Health: Ecological study

Álvaro Franco, Carlos Álvarez-Dardet and Maria Teresa Ruiz
Generating Political Priority for Maternal Mortality Reduction in 5 Developing Countries

Jeremy Shiffman
Proximal, Distal, and the Politics of Causation: What's level got to do with it?

Nancy Krieger
System imperatives as brakes to or catalysts of change
Political Influence in the 1990s: From iron triangles to policy networks

Mark Peterson
Nature or Nurture?: Sources of firm preference for national health reform

Cathie Jo Martin
Health Reform Impasse: The politics of American ambivalence toward government

Lawrence Jacobs
Locationg the Issue Public: The multi-dimensional nature of engagement with health care reform

Vincent Price, Clarrissa David, Brian Goldthorps, Marci McCoy Roth and Joseph Capella
Translating Ideas into Actions: Entrepreneurial leadership in state health care reforms

Thomas Oliver and Pamela Paul-Shaheen
Health Reform Interrupted: The unraveling of the Oregon Health Plan

Jonathan Oberlander
Social Movements as Catalysts for Policy Change: The case of smoking and guns

Constance Nathanson
Determining the public good
Between Welfare Medicine and Mainstream Entitlement: Medicaid at a political crossroads

Colleen Grogan and Erik Patashnik
Uses and Abuses of Long-Term Medicare Cost Estimates

Joseph White
Leading the Health Policy Orchestra: The need for an intergovernmental partnership

Michael Sparer