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Health Promotion for Nursing Students

Health Promotion for Nursing Students

First Edition

October 2020 | 224 pages | Learning Matters
Promoting and maintaining good mental, physical and behavioural health of individuals, communities and populations is a key role of the registered nurse. Understanding how to incorporate health promotion into clinical practice will be an important part of a nurse’s undergraduate studies and something they will take with them into professional life. This book will help students to understand the underlying theory behind health promotion and the different considerations for working with individuals, families and diverse communities. It will also demonstrate the practical skills needed in order to promote health and well-being effectively upon entering the practice environment.

Key features:
  • Mapped to the new NMC standards of proficiency for registered nurses (2018)
  • Case studies, activities and other learning features help students translate the theory to practice
  • Focus on practical skills to help guide daily practice

Chapter 1: Health promotion theory
Chapter 2: Core skills for health promotion
Chapter 3: Making every contact count (MECC)
Chapter 4: Health promotion at an individual level: working with people to support health and wellbeing needs
Chapter 5: Health promotion and the family
Chapter 6: Health promotion at a community level
Chapter 7: Health promotion at a population level
Chapter 8: Promoting health in diverse and vulnerable populations
Chapter 9: Health promotion and emergent technologies
Chapter 10: Evaluating health promotion
Chapter 11: Promoting one's own health
Chapter 12: Future trends: challenges and opportunities in health promotion

The book fills a much-needed gap in the literature around health promotion and what skills and knowledge the nursing student requires, to support studies into becoming a qualified nurse. 

I would recommend this book to any students who want to understand health promotion, as this has helped me to understand basic principles and use activities to practice the newly learned skills.

Tyrone, Nursing Student, University of East Anglia.

Health Promotion for Nursing Students is the perfect book for student nurses who wish to extend their knowledge in this topic areas. It highlights on why health promotion is so important and how it can benefit all client groups within different settings. This book is ideal for any student completing any assignment in this area as it not only increases the readers knowledge but also helps the reader to be critical and teaches the reader to evaluate.

This book is set out so that no matter what year of study you are in, you can gain knowledge on health promotion without being complexed by jargon or lengthy paragraphs. It use of  case studies and reflective pieces for the reader to attempt, helps nursing students relate this into practice and become more reflective professionals.

Hannah Codd
3rd Year Student - Mental Health Nursing, University of East Anglia

I like this book because it is specifically for nursing students, so it is focussed and is a great addition to any course for nurses. Many health promotion textbooks are generic and can only be used in conjunction with others to get a full picture of health promotion for nursing staff. This book is definitely on my essential reading list.

Ms wendy askam
Health, Cardinal Newman College
December 17, 2021

this is an excellent book, the layout is perfect, the link to the NMC Standards and aims are clear, it is written in such a way that it is easy to read and easy to understand. you can pick up the book and read any section that you are interested in, rather than feel like you have to read it from front to back in one go. Definitely recommend this book

Mrs Gail Lilley
Health & Social Care (Chester), Chester University
July 15, 2020

Very useful, easy to read. Very relevant to my teaching.

Mr Maxwell Efosa Omoruyi
Nursing, University of Sunderland in London
May 31, 2020

Absolutely fantastic text which is easy to read for students and staff. This text has been used as an essential read within the SCPHN course.

Mr Paul Watson
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, Northumbria University
January 25, 2021