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Hearing the Internal Trauma

Hearing the Internal Trauma
Working with Children and Adolescents Who Have Been Sexually Abused

  • Sandra Wieland - Center for Treatment of Sexual Abuse and Childhood Trauma, Ottawa

October 1996 | 248 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Hearing the Internal Trauma offers therapists an innovative clinical model for understanding what happens within a sexually abused child. Combining the latest research findings in child development, early attachment, sexual abuse, and trauma with extensive clinical experience, this clearly written book assists therapists in not only recognizing signs of a child or adolescent's abuse but also developing effective therapeutic interventions. Author Sandra Wieland first provides a clear description of how children and adolescents present themselves in therapy, identifying how distress from abuse can be exhibited in their play, conversation, and behavior. Then, using a carefully balanced combination of psychoanalytic, behavioral, and cognitive therapies, Wieland imparts a psychodynamic trauma-focused therapy designed especially for abused children and adolescents. Including illustrative case examples of play or conversation as well as the therapist's thought processes, the book describes therapy with children, adolescents, and their nonperpetrator or perpetrator parents. Also included is a thoughtful discussion of the effects a therapist's own experiences and internalizations can have on the therapy process. Easy to read yet thought-provoking, Hearing the Internal Trauma is ideal for therapists, social workers, mental health practitioners, and interns working with this client population. Advanced students will also find the book instructional and enlightening.

The Need for a Framework
The Internalization Model

Understanding and Expanding the Play

Recognizing and Addressing the Behavior

Identifying and Changing Messages

Hearing Oneself
The Therapist's Experience


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