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SAGE | HELIN Consortium Trial Access Spring 2016


Thank you for your interest in SAGE! Through your membership in the HELIN Consortium, you have trial access to the following SAGE products through March 31, 2016. Please contact with any questions.

SAGE Business Researcher

SAGE Business Researcher provides students with a comprehensive overview of current business and management issues as they begin their research journey. With succinct, timely, and digestible coverage, it provides an end-to-end view—ranging from an executive summary, background synopsis, current situation assessment, important debates, and a look ahead to issues on the horizon—complete with links to further academic resources and suggested related content. Explore the platform!

SAGE Business Stats

SAGE Business Stats is a destination for researchers of all levels to find highly detailed, geographically oriented statistics to inform business research. The site—hosted on the SAGE Stats platform--is ideal for students and researchers creating business plans and carrying out a wide variety of market assessments. Visit the platform!

SAGE Video

The SAGE Video Business and Management Collection is in Beta: over 60 hours are available as of January 2016, and content will be added regularly until the collection is complete.

This extensive and diverse collection will feature more than 150 hours of video, including in-depth interviews with experts from across the globe on topics as varied as innovation management, corporate social responsibility and social media marketing. View the very latest insights from marketing practitioners at brands including Kellogg’s and McDonald’s and watch management professionals, business leaders, entrepreneurs and marketers at work. Watch videos now!

SAGE Research Methods

SAGE Research Methods is the comprehensive methods library with more than 1,000 books, reference works, and journal articles; more than 550 case studies of real research projects; 120 teaching datasets to help students master data analysis through hands-on practice; and, coming soon, a collection of 120+ hours of instructional videos that bring research methods, statistics, and evaluation to life. The resources cover every aspect of research skills training and can help you support students and researchers through every step of the research process. Start exploring today!

CQ Press Public Affairs Collection

CQ Press Public Affairs Collection features in-depth coverage of vital public policy issues, statistical and historical analyses, and full-text historical documents and primary source materials. Organized by 22 key public affairs topics - from Advocacy and Public Service to U.S. Congress and Politics - in a fully integrated reference source, the collection provides invaluable context for today's critical debates. Get to the platform now!