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Heuristic Research

Heuristic Research
Design, Methodology, and Applications

July 1990 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

"A gem . . . . It is most definitely a work of major significance both historically and methodologically . . . . You've got a classic on your hands. As for me and some of my colleagues . . . you will have our personal and classroom orders the moment the book comes out."

--Mike Arons, West Georgia College

"The book is well-organized and the content is comprehensive. The writing is clear and well-referenced. The examples are excellent . . . . I teach a course annually on Research Methods and Theory. I would recommend the book to those students and . . . would also promote the book among evaluators. Dr. Moustakas is an eminent scholar with a unique and important perspective. I believe this book could become a classic like Polanyi's book."

--Michael Quinn Patton, University of Minnesota

"The organization and content of this book is very good. The writing is excellent. Clarity is a strong point . . . . [This] book is . . . an important contribution to the growing interest and activity in phenomenological approaches to research . . . . For advanced undergraduate . . . and graduate courses and . . . as a resource book [for] professionals."

--Willard B. Frick, Albion College

"A powerful and much-awaited contribution to human science methodology by clearly presenting the conceptual foundations and core processes of the heuristic model. Heuristic Research is an intense and comprehensive book for researchers, mental health practitioners, and those who value self-discovery in the fullness of the moment . . . . He gracefully weaves well-chosen examples from research studies and relevant literature into his discussions, allowing us easy access to his ideas."

--Association of Humanistic Psychology

"The manuscript is well-conceived and thoughtfully organized. The timely use of concrete examples is a strong feature of the book in a field that is highly philosophical and theoretical . . . . I wholeheartedly endorse this book."

--Kevin MacNeil, Family Life Institute, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada

"The contents of the book . . . are laid out with a clarity rarely seen in the humanistic psychology literature."


"A strikingly original contribution to qualitative methodology by Clark Moustakas. It is distinguishable above all by the intensely personal character of the research."

--The Humanistic Psychologist

"This book gives a clear presentation of heuristic methodology as a systematic form of qualitative research. It includes an explanation of how heuristic inquiry works in practice and the actual process of conducting a human science investigation is described in detail."

--Bulletin de Methodologie Sociologique

"By calling attention to the meanings and uses of tacit knowing and intuition as we seek to formulate and address questions in psychology, Moustakas helps us recognize the importance of cultivating heuristic sources and the formidable challenge of doing so. His book also serves to remind us of the preconceptions of a field that largely acts as if such sources can be ignored or given very short shrift indeed."

--Contemporary Psychology

A first of its kind, Heuristic Research presents heuristic methodology as an organized and systematic form for investigating human experience. Moustakas clearly illustrates how heuristic concepts and processes form both the components of the research design and the basis for a methodology. The mechanics of how heuristic inquiry works in practice are discussed and, using a step-by-step approach, the actual process of conducting a human science investigation is thoroughly outlined. Moustakas carefully describes various applications of heuristic research, the phases of heuristic research, and how to analyze collected data. In addition, practical examples are provided to guide the reader through the research process. Clearly written and well organized, Heuristic Research is certain to interest researchers and students in evaluation, psychology, social psychology, gender studies, gerontology, family studies, and sociology.

Resources and Inspirations

Heuristic Concepts, Processes, and Validation
Research Design and Methodology
Examples of Heuristic Research
Applications of Heuristic Research

A classic book which still has so much to say about the nature of human enquiry.

Mr Graham Bright
Faculty of Education & Theology, York St John University
October 10, 2015

This is a clear and concise book, which not only provides the reader with the principles of Heuristics, but also their application. The significant proportion of the book concerns case studies and application of the theories, and this gives the reader a means of exploring the potential uses and benefits from differing human perspectives. Overall and easy to read and understand work, and very applicable to Counselling and Psychotherapy.

Mr Mike Bancroft
Counselling, Alton College
July 2, 2012

This is a good book and one that will be of use to students wishing a deeper exploration

Dr Carol Fuller
Institute of Education, Reading University
December 21, 2011

This book will be added to the supplemental reading list for students undertaking the Research Methods module.

Ms Pauline Joyce
Healthcare Management, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
June 28, 2010

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