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Homeless Youth

Homeless Youth

December 1997 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This wide-ranging book analyzes and explains the problem of youth homelessness in the Western world. Taking into account psychological characteristics while highlighting the major risk factors in the family, at school, and in society at large, the authors offer both practitioners and policymakers the tools to help deal with all aspects of this problem. Homeless Youth offers a clear, conceptual and theoretical framework that defines the phenomenon of homelessness and draws on data from across Europe and North America to establish its scope and prevalence among youth today. It also provides a thorough and comprehensive strategy where prevention and intervention go hand in hand. Homeless Youth will be an invaluable resource for all those working to tackle this difficult problem from many perspectives including psychology, psychiatry, social work, and social policy.

Defining the Problem
Homeless or Away from Home?

Prevalence of Homelessness amongst Juveniles
A World Survey

Behavioural Problems
Cause or Consequence?

Biographical and Psychological Factors
The Family and the Social Network
In Search of an Explanation
Theories of Homelessness

Prevention Programmes I
Tackling Problem Behaviour

Prevention Programmes II
Keeping Problem Youngsters off the Streets

Intervention on the Streets
Comprehensive Welfare Programmes for Homeless Youth
Current Status and Future Directions


`I found it challenging, thought-provoking and refreshing. It is particularly attractive as the authors provide a clear theoretical paradigm from which to consider the issue' - British Journal of Special Education

`This book provides a wide-ranging and well-organized review of recent research into youth homelessness and includes sections on the problems of offering an adequate definition and estimation of youth homelessness. There is also discussion of the plethora of other "problem behaviours" associated with homelessness as well as chapters on theories and explanations of youth homelessness. The final sections of the book deal with the efficacy of existing prevention programmes and how these could be improved by the development of a more comprehensive, long term and multi-agency approach. This book is valuable as it outlines in a concise and engaging way a wealth of studies into homelessness from around the world... a valuable contribution to the study of homelessness and vulnerable youth as it is one of the few studies which situates these issues in a global context. Furthermore, it is written in a straightforward and accessible way, it will appeal to a broad range of academics, youth workers and students interested in the study of youth homelessness' - Youth and Policy

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ISBN: 9780803978065