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How Successful Schools Work

How Successful Schools Work
The Impact of Innovative School Leadership

June 2012 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Inside this book are case studies of cutting edge best practice from inspirational heads and school leaders doing excellent work in schools. They all illustrate how the role, and style, of school leadership is changing.

By looking at what attracts teachers to leadership roles, and how they use their power, this book examines innovative leadership in action. The authors look at the characteristics of innovative school leaders, and reflect on how these people work. An appetite for challenge, a desire for a sense of well-being for all those involved in the school and its development and an ability to flex their style of leadership all emerge as core factors in their success.

Topics covered include:

  • The changing role of school leaders
  • Leading inclusive environments
  • The power of innovative leadership
  • Identifying the challenges ahead

The perfect read for anyone wanting to make a difference to their school or setting, this book will show you how it is done.

The Attraction of Leadership
Changing Styles of Leadership
Leading Inclusive Environments
The Power of Leadership
Generating Well-Being
Staying at the Forefront

'New models of education require new approaches to leadership. In this book, two highly credible practitioners draw on diverse experience and evidence to wet our appetite for change and remind us of what matters' -
-Russell Hobby , General Secretary , National Association of Head Teachers

'In a rapidly changing landscape there has never been a greater need for innovative leadership in our schools. So this is a timely book. It describes how the role and style of school leader is changing, and uses case studies and conversations to show the impact of innovative leadership'
-Governing Matters

An easy to read text for students to dip into to gain basic underpinning knowledge.

Mrs Marie Dey
School of Education, Social Work & Community Education, Dundee University
November 9, 2014

This has been a very useful book to the students working within a school environment.

It has given them valuable information which they had otherwise struggled to find.

Easy to read and find the information.

Mrs Jane Wellock
Child Studies, York College
February 14, 2013

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