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Human Motivation

Human Motivation
Metaphors, Theories, and Research

First Edition

February 1996 | 408 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Human Motivation qualifies both as a superb textbook for upper- division psychology majors and graduate students and as an important sourcebook for motivational scholars and researchers. . . . Readers will be pleased to find that this text is extraordinarily well written, with a style not unlike that of a good novel. Other desirable features, from a teaching perspective, are 12 illustrative experiments for students to complete and interspersed biographical sketches of eminent motivational theorists. . . . Bernard Weiner's volume represents the culmination of years of research and scholarship and will offer an array of insights to students who are more advanced. It is also likely to be used as a motivation sourcebook for years to come." --Contemporary Psychology Use the quote above for next mailing 9/93 "This is a truly outstanding work, comprehensive in its coverage and innovative in its approach. By using the device of metaphor, Bernard Weiner has brilliantly clarified the relationship among the different theoretical perspectives on motivation. Encompassing both research and theory, the volume surveys classical and recent motivation theories, and culminates in an exciting and challenging new perspective. The book qualifies both as a highly attractive text and as an essential volume for all motivational psychologists. Highly recommended. This brilliant work effectively communicates the excitement of research on the 'whys' of human behavior, a field to which Weiner himself has been a major contributor. Rather than just presenting one theory after another Weiner has organized them in an original and easy-to-comprehend fashion." --Paul McReynolds, Emeritus Professor, University of Nevada--Reno

Did not have enough international/global focus

Dr Shelby Kaura
Liberal Arts, Upper Iowa University
January 22, 2014

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ISBN: 9780761904915