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Human Reproduction, Emerging Technologies, and Conflicting Rights

Human Reproduction, Emerging Technologies, and Conflicting Rights

Social Policy

January 1995 | 228 pages | CQ Press

This book examines the controversial and increasingly complex policy issues surrounding reproduction today. Blank and Merrick argue that medical advances, changing social values, and novel legal cases are challenging conventional notions of reproductive rights, and creating difficult public policy dilemmas.

This exciting volume focuses on the conflicts surrounding reproduction and reproductive rights. Restricted access to abortion, rights of surrogate and biological mothers, the right to control fertility, fetal and embryo research, and a pregnant woman's duty to avoid risk are among the timely issues explored in this book. Conflicts in the maternal-fetal relationship, such as court-ordered intervention, maternal substance abuse, and workplace hazards are also covered.

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ISBN: 9780871879387

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