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Improving Organizational Surveys

Improving Organizational Surveys
New Directions, Methods, and Applications

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Volume: 158

May 1993 | 288 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
"Timely and original, this publication presents the latest tools, techniques, and applications for conducting sucessful organizational surveys." --International Review of Administrative Sciences Surveys are part of our culture. From political polls predicting who the new president of the United States will be, to consumer surveys determining which new ice cream flavor is best-liked, surveys reach out and touch everyone. However, recent technological and methodological advances, as well as changes in the demographics of the workforce, have posed new and unique challenges to those charged with gathering survey information. Timely and original, Improving Organizational Surveys presents the latest tools, techniques, and applications for conducting successful organizational surveys throughout a wide range of settings (private sector, government, and the military). Separated into three sections, some of the relevant topics reviewed are how a survey is conducted, including a step-by-step guide; how to go about asking sensitive and potentially embarrassing questions; the advantages and disadvantages of computer-administered surveys; what to do about measurement error; lessons learned from conducting sexual harassment surveys; and a review of the definitional, methodological, and practical aspects of conducting a quality-of-work-life survey. This diverse volume is a must for individuals who develop and administer organizational surveys, for managers who utilize survey information, and for researchers and students who are interested in surveying public and private sector organizations.

Paul Rosenfeld, Jack E Edwards and Marie D Thomas
Jack E Edwards and Marie D Thomas
The Organizational Survey Process
General Steps and Practical Considerations

Jamshid C Hosseini and Robert L Armacost
Gathering Sensitive Data in Organizations
Solomon Dutka and Lester R Frankel
Measurement Errors in Organizational Surveys
Stephanie Booth-Kewley, Paul Rosenfeld, and Jack E Edwards
Computer-Administered Surveys in Organizational Settings
Alternatives, Advantages and Applications

Richard A Dunnington
New Methods and Technologies in the Organizational Survey Process
Gary W Morris and Mark A LoVerde
Consortium Surveys
Marie D Thomas and Patricia J Thomas
Surveying Pregnancy and Single Parenthood
The Navy Experience

Amy L Culbertson and Paul Rosenfeld
Understanding Sexual Harassment Through Organizational Surveys
Elyse W Kerce and Stephanie Booth-Kewley
Quality of Work Life Surveys in Organizations
Methods and Benefits

Dan Landis, Mickey R Dansby, and Robert H Faley
The Military Equal Opportunity Climate Survey
An Example of Surveying in Organizations

Robert A Giacalone and Stephen B Knouse
Identifying Security Risks in Organizations
Development and Use of a Security Exit Survey Instrument


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