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Improving Services for Young Children

Improving Services for Young Children
From Sure Start to Children's Centres

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July 2008 | 192 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This book disseminates important insights gained from the National Evaluation of Sure Start (NESS). The contributors present the effects of Sure Start from a range of perspectives and explore the successful and problematic aspects of the programme with its vision of improving the life chances of the most disadvantaged families. They also map and evaluate the progression of the programme into Children's Centres and Extended Schools.

Each contributor provides an overview of their specialist area before outlining the findings from the study and its implications for developing Children's Services. These areas include:

- Ethnicity

- Childcare

- Parents

- Special Needs

- Maternity Services

- Domestic Violence

- Buildings and Spaces.

The chapters set out the practical lessons learned from these areas for practitioners, professionals and policy makers in the field of children's services, as well as those involved in the setting up of Children's Centres and reform of multi-agency children's services.

The book will be relevant to undergraduate students on Childhood Studies Degrees, Early Years Professional Foundation Degrees students, postgraduate students on National Qualification for Managers of Children's Centres and Masters related to Integrated Children's Services. It is also for those with an interest in anti-poverty intervention programmes for young children and their families around the world.

What was Sure Start and why did it matter?
Part 1: Establishing appropriate sites for service delivery; Effective communication and engagement
Getting Started
Part 2: The ethics of social engineering and intervening in peoples' lives
Empowering parents
Part 3: Children's and young person's development; Supporting transitions; Multi- agency teamwork
Maternity Services
Early Learning, Play and Childcare
Speech and Language Development
Employability for Parents
Part 4: Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children; Sharing information
Parenting Programmes
Domestic Violence
Lessons for Children's Centres

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