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Improving Survey Questions

Improving Survey Questions
Design and Evaluation

Volume: 38

July 1995 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

What is a good question? Although there are several potential sources for error in survey data, the validity of surveys depends on the design of the questions asked. This book shows how to word and format a question, write questions that will evoke the kind of answers for which they were designed, and empirically evaluate survey questions. In addition, the book covers topics such as how to write good questions aimed at collecting information about objective facts and events, how to measure subjective phenomena, some alternative methods for attacking common measurement problems; shows how to evaluate the extent to which questions are consistently understood and administered, and explains how to evaluate the data resulting from a set of questions. A clearly written book, Improving Survey Questions enables researchers and practitioners to write better survey questions and helps users of survey data to evaluate their data more critically.

Questions as Measures
An Overview

Designing Questions to Gather Factual Data
Questions to Measure Subjective States
Some General Rules for Designing Good Survey Instruments
Presurvey Evaluation of Questions
Assessing the Validity of Survey Questions
Question Design and Evaluation Issues in Perspective

Although this book provides detailed guidance to students regarding development and validation of surveys, the concepts are probably too detailed for a Masters level dissertation. The price of the text is also rather high.

Dr Hayley Hutchings
College of Medicine, Swansea University
May 23, 2014

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