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SAGE Inclusive Access

Day one access. Great savings. Real success.

SAGE Inclusive Access Program

Having materials on the first day of class is important to student success.


“I have found [inclusive] access to be important for two primary reasons. First, it saves students a significant amount of money and I feel an obligation, if I can, to try to save students money. Second...I think that [inclusive] access ensures that more students actually get the books. And if they have the books, it increases their chances of reading the books.”  

Professor William T. Horner, The University of Missouri

SAGE Inclusive Access drives down the cost of textbooks, giving students access to required course materials from day one. Students conveniently purchase the value-priced eBook at the time they register for your course. If they change their mind, they can opt out—it’s all voluntary.

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SAGE Inclusive Access Program SAVE

Your students save. You make sure they succeed.

  • AFFORDABILITY: Students get access to quality content at a significantly reduced cost of 60% or more. 
  • ACHIEVEMENT: Having learning materials in hand on the first day of class is an important contributor to student success.1 It's also a factor in improving passing and retention rates.
  • ANALYTICS: Easily track if your students are ready for class—97% of students who acquire access to SAGE learning materials through this program retain their materials for the first day of class. 
  • ACCESS AND FLEXIBILITY: Students can purchase learning materials when paying for tuition and fees and can use scholarship or federal loan and grant money1—all on a voluntary basis, so they can opt out. SAGE content is offered through all national digital content distributors.

1. According to the Association of American Publishers, Higher Education:

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