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Inside Culture

Inside Culture
Re-imagining the Method of Cultural Studies

First Edition

November 2000 | 176 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Inside Culture offers a fresh and stimulating reassessment of the direction of cultural studies. Nick Couldry argues without apology for cultural studies as a discipline centred around the interrelations of culture and power, with a clear focus on accountable empirical research that deals with the real complexities of contemporary lives - `inside' culture. Chapters discuss the broad conceptual issues around `cultures', `texts', `the self', and the individual. There are detailed discussions of a range of cultural studies authors which demystify the elaborate language of contemporary cultural studies, with suggestions for further thinking at the end of chapters.

Questions of Value, or Why Do Cultural Studies?
The Individual `in' Culture
Questioning the Text
Beyond `Cultures'
Accounting for the `Self'
The Future of Cultural Studies
Community without Closure


This is an excellent book - will recommend to students who want to engage cultural sociology and cutural studies at a deeper level than is possible with traditional textbooks. It is particularly helpful in orienting thinking around how to navigate an extremely complex and variegated cultural landscape, in a world where many students feel overwhelmed by the possibilities.

Dr Sarah Amsler
Sociology , Aston University
November 16, 2009

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