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Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication
Globalization and Social Justice

Third Editon

January 2021 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Chapter 1. Opening the Conversation: Studying Intercultural Communication
Chapter 2. Understanding the Context of Globalization
Chapter 3. Globalizing Body Politics: Embodied Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
Chapter 4. (Dis)Placing Culture and Cultural Space: Locations of Nonverbal and Verbal Communication
Chapter 5. Privileging Relationships: Intercultural Communication in Interpersonal Contexts
Chapter 6. Crossing Borders: Migration and Intercultural Adaptation
Chapter 7. Jamming Media and Popular Culture: Analyzing Messages About Diverse Cultures
Chapter 8. The Culture of Capitalism and the Business of Intercultural Communication
Chapter 9. Negotiating Intercultural Conflict and Social Justice: Strategies for Intercultural Relations
Chapter 10. Engaging Intercultural Communication for Social Justice: Challenges and Possibilities for Global Citizenship
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ISBN: 9781506362861