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Interest Group Politics

Interest Group Politics

Ninth Edition
Edited by:

Interest Groups

May 2015 | 408 pages | CQ Press
With its broad spectrum of scholarship on interest groups past and present, Interest Group Politics brings together noted political scientists to provide comprehensive coverage and cutting-edge research on the role and impact of interest groups in U.S. politics, all geared to an undergraduate audience. In the wake of the Citizens United decision and the growth of lobbying into a multi-billion dollar industry, this trusted classic provides students with a guide to the influence and reach of interest groups.

Burdett A. Loomis, Allan J. Cigler
1. Introduction: The Changing Nature of Interest Groups Politics
Part I. Internal Politics of Organized Interests
Peter L. Francia
2. Organized Labor: Adaptive Strategies in Challenging Times
Darren R. Halpin
3. Interest Group ‘Policy Agendas’: What are They? And How Might We Study Them?
Don Haider-Markel, Steven Sylvester
4. Changing Polices/Changing Hearts and Minds: The Evolution of the LGBT Movement
Allen D. Hertzke
5. National Religious Lobbying: Dramatic Growth and Significance
Burdett A. Loomis
6. The Tea Party as an Interest: Movement? Group? Brand? Faction?
Part II. Groups, Elections, and Money
Lee Drutman
7. The Rise of Dark Money
Brian Kelleher Richter, Timothy Werner
8. Sources of Congressional Candidates’ Funds: Does Interest Group Money Dominate?
Robert G. Boatright
9. Interest Group Interests in Congressional Primaries
Part III. Lobbying
Dorie Apollonio
10. Tobacco Industry Efforts to Influence Policy: When Interest Groups Face Opposition
Timothy M. LaPira
11. Lobbying in the Shadows: How Private Interests Hide from Public Scrunity, and Why That Matters
James M. McCormick
12. Ethnic Interest Groups and American Foreign Policy: How Influential?
Anthony J. Nownes, Josh Cole
13. Interest Groups and America’s “Invisible Governments”: Patterns of Participation and Conflict in Special District Politics
Robert Healy
14. Working the Angles: The Job of a Corporate Lobbyist
Amy Melissa McKay
15. The Power of Negative Lobbying
Scott H. Ainsworth, Erik K. Godwin, R. Kenneth Godwin
16. We Have Met the Lobbyists and They Are Us: When Governments Lobby Governments
Part IV. Conclusion
Burdett A. Loomis, Anthony Nownes
17. Advocacy in an Era of Inequality
Key features


  • 15 new contributions, on topics including organized labor, the LGBT movement, religious lobbying, the Tea Party, the tobacco industry, the role of “dark money” in campaign funding, the profession of lobbying, and advocacy and inequality.
  • Each chapter is written by an expert in the field and carefully edited for clarity and cohesion by Allan J. Cigler, Burdett A. Loomis, and Anthony J. Nownes.

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