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International Human Resource Management

International Human Resource Management
The Transformation of Work in a Global Context

Second Edition
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March 2022 | 392 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Written by an internationally renowned team of experts and underpinned by cutting-edge research, International Human Resource Management tackles a broad range of controversial and often marginalised issues associated with globalisation and its impact on multinational companies and employees.

Updated throughout with brand-new case studies, reflective questions and recommended reading, the second edition includes coverage of:

• International assignments and worker mobility
• The development of new technology and its impact on work
• International HRM and the platform economy
• The nature of organisational change
• The role of sustainability and social responsibility within the firm

This innovative and thought-provoking textbook is suitable for students of International Human Resource Management and Employment Relations. 

Lecturers can visit to access PowerPoint slides and additional case study material.

Miguel Martínez Lucio is a Professor at the University of Manchester (Alliance Manchester Business School), UK.
Robert MacKenzie is Professor of Working Life Science at Karlstad Business School, Karlstad University, Sweden.

Section 1: The Dynamic Context of International Human Resource Management
Miguel Martínez Lucio and Robert MacKenzie
Chapter 1: Globalization and Employment: Developments and Contradictions
Phil Almond and María C. González Menéndez
Chapter 2: Transnational Corporations, Human Resource Management and Globalization
Miguel Martínez Lucio
Chapter 3: Continuities and Change in National Employment Relations: the Role of Politics and Ideas
Section 2: Working in a Globalised Context
Óscar Rodríguez-Ruiz
Chapter 4: Pay and Remuneration in Multinationals
Fang Lee Cooke
Chapter 5: Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in Multinational Corporations
Jenny K Rodriguez and Miguel Martínez Lucio
Chapter 6: Here, There, and Everywhere: Work on International Assignments for Multinational Corporations
Nathan Lillie, Erka Çaro, Lisa Berntsen and Ines Wagner
Chapter 7: Migration and Human Resource Management
Naresh Kumar, Robert MacKenzie, and Miguel Martínez Lucio
Chapter 8: Developing Economies: Globalization, Politics and Employment Relations
Miguel Martínez Lucio and Stephen Mustchin
Chapter 9: Training in The Context of ‘Globalization’: Politics and Symbolism in Skill Formation
Carlos Fernandez Rodriguez
Chapter 10: The Learning Environment of Managerialism: The Role of Business Schools and Consultancies in a Global Market
Section 3: The Changing Ideologies and Practices of Global Production
Leo McCann
Chapter 11: Socio-Economic Context and Varieties of Capitalism: What Difference Do They Make to Work?
Paul Stewart
Chapter 12: Globalization and Lean Production in the Re-Making of Labour Intensification?
Christopher J. McLachlan, Robert MacKenzie, Alexis Rydell, Roland Ahlstrand, Jennifer Hobbins, Martin O’Brien and Betty Frino
Chapter 13: Restructuring, Policy and Practice: an International Comparison of Approaches
Kendra Briken and Robert MacKenzie
Chapter 14: Technology and the Organisation of Work
Debra Howcroft
Chapter 15: New Technology and International Human Resource Management: Platforms and Platform Work
Section 4: Regulation and the Agenda for Decent Work
Robert MacKenzie and Miguel Martínez Lucio
Chapter 16: Regulating Work and Employment Internationally: A Complex Tapestry
Stephen Mustchin and Nathaniel Tetteh
Chapter 17: International Employee Representation, Organisation, Multinational Companies and International Human Resource Management
Josef Ringqvist, David Öborn Regin, Lena Lid-Falkman and Lars Ivarsson
Chapter 18: Sustainability and International Human Resource Management

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