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International Perspectives on Child Abuse and Children's Testimony

International Perspectives on Child Abuse and Children's Testimony
Psychological Research and Law

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June 1996 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Child witnesses pose unique challenges to the legal system, and courtrooms are daunting and alien to children. Timely and truly international in scope, this volume focuses on the techniques and procedures used to accommodate child witnesses in legal systems in countries around the world and on the research investigating the effectiveness and implications of those techniques. Featuring the work of renowned scholars from the international psycholegal community, International Perspectives on Child Abuse and Children's Testimony not only provides support for all countries seeking to broaden their approach to child psychology and law but also promotes justice where child protection is virtually unknown. Special emphasis is given to techniques currently in use and under investigation in the United States as well as the U.S. applicability of techniques and procedures used in other countries. At a time when issues surrounding children's testimony are under close scrutiny, International Perspectives on Child Abuse and Children's Testimony provides outstanding findings and guidelines for researchers and practitioners in psychology, medicine, criminology/law, social policy, and social work as well as advanced students in these and related fields.

Bette L Bottoms and Gail S Goodman
International Perspectives on Child Witnesses
An Introduction to the Issues  
Amye R Warren and Lucy S McGough
Research on Children's Suggestibility
Implications for the Investigative Interview  
Francien Lamers-Winkelman and Frank Buffing
Children's Testimony in The Netherlands
A Study of Statement Validity Analysis  
Kathleen J Sternberg, Michael E Lamb and Irit Hershkowitz
Child Sexual Abuse Investigation in Israel
Evaluating Innovative Practices  
Louise Dezwirek Sas, David A Wolfe and Kevin Gowdey
Children and the Courts in Canada
Ray Bull and Graham Davies
The Effect of Child Witness Research on Legislation in Great Britain
Rhona Flin, Brian Kearney and Kathleen Murray
Children's Evidence
Scottish Research and Law  
Sandra Shrimpton, Kim Oates and Susan Hayes
The Child Witness and Legal Reforms in Australia
Margaret-Ellen Pipe and Mark Henaghan
Accommodating Children's Testimony
Legal Reforms in New Zealand  
Dap Louw and Pierre Olivier
Listening to Children in South Africa
Ting-Pong Ho
Children's Evidence
Mandating Change in the Legal System of Hong Kong  
Margaret Bull Kovera and Eugene Borgida
Children on the Witness Stand
The Use of Expert Testimony and Other Procedural Innovations in US Child Sexual Abuse Trials  
John E B Myers
A Decade of International Reform to Accommodate Child Witnesses
Steps Toward a Child Witness Code  
Uma A Segal
Children as Witnesses
India Is Not Ready  

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