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International Relations of China

International Relations of China

Eight Volume Set
Edited by:

November 2014 | 2 376 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

To say that the rise of China has captured the popular attention is something of an understatement. Hardly a day goes by without the publication of a new study that confidently predicts China’s future – be that a focus on internal challenges and potential collapse, or China’s rise to inevitable global dominance. The aim of this eight-volume collection is to provide, in a single resource, an overarching view of the totality of China’s place in the world.

 In this new major work, the international team of editors have created a carefully balanced collection of seminal publications from leading scholars from both inside and outside of China, introduced by a newly-written chapter contextualizing the diverse perspectives on China’s changing global role they represent.

Volume One: Theoretical Perspectives

Volume Two: Making Foreign Policy

Volume Three: China and “Traditional” Partners – the Developed World and (South)East Asia

Volume Four: China and the Developing World

Volume Five: National Security and Territorial Issues

Volume Six: China and the Global Economy

Volume Seven: Global Governance

Volume Eight: China Challenges and Global Issues

China and the US: Comparable Cases of ‘Peaceful Rise’?

Barry Buzan and Michael Cox
The Development of International Relations Theory in China

Qin Yaqing
The Tragedy of Offensive Realism: Classical Realism and the Rise of China

Jonathan Kirshner
Will China’s Rise Lead to War?

Charles Glaser
The Rise of Chinese Exceptionalism in International Relations

Feng Zhang
Invocations of Chinese Traditions in International Relations

Gilbert Rozman
Is China Becoming More Aggressive? A Neoclassical Realist Analysis

Camilla Sørensen
China in the North Korean Nuclear Crises: ‘Interest’ and ‘Identity’ in Foreign Behaviour

Hochul Lee
Extract from The China Wave: Rise of a Civilizational State

Zhang Weiwei
The Power Strategy of Chinese Foreign Policy: Bringing Theoretical and Comparative Studies Together

Chen Zhimin and Chang Lulu
The Rise of China in Chinese Eyes

Yan Xuetong
International Relations Studies in China: History, Trends, and Prospects

David Shambaugh
China's Search for a Grand Strategy: A Rising Great Power Finds Its Way

Wang Jisi
China’s Global Activism: Strategy, Drivers, and Tools

Phillip Saunders
Personality, Ideology and Decisionmaking

Michael Hunt
The Operational Code of Mao Zedong: Defensive or Offensive Realist?

Huiyun Feng
China’s Foreign- and Security-Policy Decision-Making Processes under Hu Jintao

Jean-Pierre Cabestan
The Central Leadership, Supraministry  Coordinating Bodies, State Council ministries, and Party Departments

Lu Ning
China's “Quiet Diplomacy”: The International Department of the  Chinese Communist Party

David Shambaugh
China’s Assertive Behaviour – Part Three: The Role of the Military in Foreign Policy

Michael Swaine
Beyond Spy vs Spy: The Analytic Challenge of Understanding Chinese Intelligence Services

Peter Mattis
Domestic Institutional Constraints on China's Leadership in East Asian Economic Cooperation Mechanisms

Margaret Pearson
Redefining Foreign Policy Impulses toward Africa: The Roles of the MFA, the MOFCOM and China Exim Bank

Lucy Corkin
China’s Foreign and Security Policy for Its Territorial Periphery

Carla Freeman and Drew Thompson
Changing Media, Changing Foreign Policy in China

Susan Shirk
China’s New Think Tanks: Where Officials, Entrepreneurs, and Scholars Interact

Cheng Li
Foreign Policy Implications of Chinese Nationalism Revisited: The Strident Turn

 Suisheng Zhao
The Rise of China and the Future of the West: Can the Liberal System Survive?

G. John Ikenberry
The Gathering Storm: China’s Challenge to US Power in Asia

John Mearscheimer
China-Japan Relations in the Post-Koizumi Era: A Brightening Half-Decade?

Chien-Peng Chung
China's 'Two Koreas' Policy: Achievements and Contradictions

David Hundt
Understanding China’s Regional Rise: Interpretations, Identities and Implications

Shaun Breslin
The Sino- Russia Strategic Partnership. How Close? Where To?

Gilbert Rozman
Politics of Accommodation of the Rise of China: The case of Australia

Baogang He
The Shifting Triangle: Sino–Japanese–American Relations in Stressful Times

June Teufel Dreyer
Multipolarity, Multilateralism and Beyond…? EU – China Understandings the International System

David A. Scott
A Power Audit of EU China Relations: Executive Summary

John Fox and Francoise Godement
G2 in G20: China, the United States and the World after the Global Financial Crisis

Geoffrey Garrett
Patriotism, Nationalism and China’s US Policy: Structures and Consequences of Chinese National Identity

Peter Hays Gries, Qingmin Zhang, H. Michael Crowson and Huajian Cai
Who's Socializing Whom? Complex Engagement in Sino-ASEAN Relations

Alice D. Ba
China and the Developing World

Lowell Dittmer
Waltzing with Goliath: Philippines-China Engagement in Uncharted Waters

Aileen San Pablo-Baviera
Myanmar in Contemporary Chinese Foreign Policy

Robert Sutter
Central Asia-China Relations and Their Relative Weight in Chinese Foreign Policy

 Jean-Pierre Cabestan
India in China’s Foreign Policy

G. Venkat Raman
Exploring the Neglected Constraints on Chindia: Analysing the Online Chinese Perception of India and Its Interaction with China’s Indian Policy

Simon Shen
Is China Playing a Dual Game in Iran?

John Garver
From the Arab Spring to the Chinese Winter: The Institutional Sources of Authoritarian Vulnerability and Resilience in Egypt, Tunisia, and China

Steve Hess
Sino-Turkish Strategic Partnership: Prudent Hedging or Irreversible Shift?

Atul Kumar
Chinese Development Aid in Africa: What, Where, Why, and How Much?

Deborah Brautigam
Harmony and Discord in China’s Africa Strategy: Some Implications for Foreign Policy

Chris Alden and Christopher Hughes
China Matters: China’s Economic Impact in Latin America

Kevin Gallagher and Roberto Porzecanski
China, United States and Hegemonic Challenge in Latin America: An Overview and Some Lessons from Previous Instances of Hegemonic Challenge in the Region

Gonzalo Sebastián Paz
Between Core National Interest and a Harmonious World: Reconciling Self-Role Conceptions in Chinese Foreign Policy

C. Shih and Yin Jiwu
Sino-Tibetan Dialogue: Much Misunderstanding, Little Room for Compromise

Michael Ramos-Lynch
Islam in China: Accommodation or Separatism?

Dru Gladney
Rapprochement between Taiwan and the Chinese Mainland: Implications for American Foreign Policy

Dennis Hickey
Navigating the Grey Area – Hong Kong’s External Relations under Tsang Administration

Simon Shen
Identity, Sovereignty, and Economic Penetration: Beijing’s Responses to Offshore Chinese Democracies

Wu Guoguang
Explaining Chinese Solutions to Territorial Disputes with Neighbour States

Nie Hongyi
Regime Insecurity and International Cooperation: Explaining China's Compromises in Territorial Disputes

M. Taylor Fravel
Neighborly Relations: The Tumen Development Project and China's Security Strategy

Carla Freeman
China’s Approach to International Law

Junwu Pan
Sino-Japanese Dispute over the Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands: The Pending Controversy from the Chinese Perspective

Zhongqi Pan
Inside China's War on Terrorism

Martin Wayne
The Fact and Fiction of Sino-African Energy Relations

Erica Downs
Chinese MNCs as China’s New Long March: A Review and Critique of the Western Literature

Jean-Marc Blanchard
Sino-Capitalism: China's Reemergence and the International Political Economy

Christopher McNally
Re-Engagement with the Global Economy

Shaun Breslin
Economic Statecraft in China’s New Overseas Special Economic Zones: Soft Power, Business or Resource Security?

Deborah Bräutigam and Tang Xiaoyang
Coping with China's Financial Power

Ken Miller
China Trade Policy Review: A Political Economy Approach

Changyuan Luo and Jun Zhang
Facts about and Impacts of FDI on China and the World Economy

Yuqing Xing
The Emperor's New Clothes: Intellectual Property Protections in China

Patricia Campbell and Michael Pecht
Going Out: An Overview of China’s Outward Foreign Direct Investment

Nargiza Salidjanova
China's Sovereign Wealth Funds: Origins, Development, and Future Roles

Stephen Thomas and Ji Chen
China's Pursuit of Free Trade Agreements: Is China Exceptional?

Yang Jiang
China's New Leftists and the China Model Debate after the Financial Crisis

Charles W. Freeman III and Wen Jin Yuan
China and Global Governance

Hongying Wang and James Rosenau
China and the Processes of Cooperation in UN Security Council Deliberations

Joel Wuthnow
China's Shifting Attitude towards United Nations Peacekeeping Operations

Stefan Stähle
China and the Future of International Adjudication

Julian Ku
Extract from China’s New Engagement in the International System

Nina Hachigian with Winny Chen and Christopher Beddor
Between Confrontation and Assimilation: China and the Fragmentation of Global Financial Governance

Injoo Sohn
China and the IMF: From Mimicry towards Pragmatic International Institutional Pluralism

Peter Ferdinand and Jue Wang
Emerging World Order? From Multipolarity to Multilateralism in the G20, the World Bank, and the IMF

Robert Wade
China and Climate Justice: Moving beyond Statism

Paul G. Harris, Alice Chow and Rasmus Karlsson
China, Natural Resources, Sovereignty and International Law

Ben Saul
China at the Global Summit Table: Rule-Taker, Deal-Wrecker or Bridge-Builder?

Jenny Clegg
China Engages Global Health Governance: Processes and Dilemmas

Lai-Ha Chan, Pak K. Lee and Gerald Chan
Rethinking global governance: a China model in the making?

Lai-Ha Chan, Pak K. Lee and Gerald Chan
Global Challenges and China’s Complexity

Shi Yinhong
China and the Global Jihad Network

Degang Sun
China in Cyberspace

Nigel Inkster
China's Arctic Aspirations

Linda Jakobson and Jingchao Peng
China and Global Energy Markets

Peter Cornelius and Jonathan Story
Extract from A Balancing Act: China’s Role in Climate Change

Karl Hallding, Guoyi Han and Marie Olsson
China and International 'Human Rights Diplomacy’

Yuchao Zhu
Global Economic Crisis and China’s Challenge to Global Hegemony: A Neo-Gramscian Approach

Sheila Ruckie
Chinatowns and Borderlands Inter-Asian Encounters in the Diaspora

Evelyn Hu-DeHart
Immigrant China

Frank Pieke
Will China’s Water Shortage Shake the World’s Food Security?

Jia Shaofeng et al.
China’s Distant Water Fishing Industry: Evolving Policies and Implications

Tabitha Mallory
Asian Leadership in Outer Space in the 21st Century: From Science and Technology to Space Law

Yun Zhao
China’s Illiberal Challenge

Nazneen Barma and Ely Ratner

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