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International Relations of the European Union

International Relations of the European Union

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

July 2008 | 1 632 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
From its beginnings as a trading organization the European Union (EU) has become an immensely important actor in the international system. This collection distils the very best writings, both classic and contemporary, in the field of its international relations across a range of policy fields. The selected articles and chapters reflect the breadth of the EU's activities in the world, including its economic and security relationships, as well as its unique status in the academic study of international relations.

A: History: European Integration, the Changing World Arena And The EC/EU as an International Actor
International Integration: The European and the universal

Ernst Haas
Obstinate or Obsolete? The Fate of the Nation State and the Case of Western Europe

Stanley Hoffmann
Europe's Role in World Peace

François Duchêne
European Political Cooperation: Procedure as a substitute for policy

William Wallace and David Allen
The Exercise of International Civil Power: A framework for analysis

Gunnar Sjöstedt
Civilian Power Europe: A contradiction in terms

Hedley Bull
The European Defense Community the European Political Community and the ECSC Loan

Pascaline Winand
The European Union: A new type of international actor

Richard Rosecrance
B: Theory: Perspectives on European Integration and International Relations
Western Europe's Presence in the Contemporary International Arena

David Allen and Michael Smith
The European Union and a Changing Europe: Establishing the boundaries of order

Michael Smith
European Security Identities

Ole Waever,
Conceptualising The European Union as an International Actor: Narrowing the capabilities-expectations gap

Roy Ginsberg
The European Challenge to Foreign Policy Analysis

Brian White
Europe: Regional laboratory for a global polity?

Knud Erik Jørgensen And Ben Rosamond
Normative Power Europe: A contradiction in terms?

Ian Manners
Toward a Theory of EU Foreign Policy-Making: Multilevel governance, domestic politics and national adaptation to Europe's common foreign and security policy

Michael E. Smith
ESDP and The Structure of World Power

Barry Posen
Normative Dynamics and Strategic Interests in the EU's External Identity

Richard Youngs
Beyond the Civilian Power EU Debate

Karen Smith
Conceptualising the EU Model of Governance in World Politics

Ben Rosamond
A: European Integration and The Changing World Economy
1992: Recasting the European bargain

Wayne Sandholtz and John Zysman
The Adaptation of European Foreign Economic Policy: From Rome to Seattle

Alasdair Young
B: Trade and Commercial Policy
The European Acquis and Multilateral Trade Rules: Are they compatible?

Stephen Woolcock
What Happened to Fortress Europe? External trade policy liberalization in the European Union

Brian Hanson
"Issue-Systems", "Multi-Level Games" and the Analysis of the EU's External Commercial and Associated Policies: A research agenda

Sarah Collinson
Who Speaks for Europe? The delegation of trade authority in the EU

Sophie Meunier and Kalypso Nicolaidis
The 1999 Cap Reform, the Uruguay Round and the Commission: Contextualising linked policy games

W. Coleman and S. Tangermann
C: International Monetary Policy
The EMU and International Monetary Relations: What to expect for international actors?

Madeleine Hosli
Monetary Sovereignty over the Euro and External Relations of the Euro Area: Competence, procedures and practice

Christoph Herrmann
Between National Sovereignty and International Power: What external voice for the Euro?

Katherine Mcnamara and Sophie Meunier
Europe, the United States, and Neo-Liberal (Dis)Order: Is there a coming crisis of the Euro?

Alan W. Cafruny
D: Aid and Development Policy
The Community and Developing Countries: Associates and outsiders

John Pinder
The Future of Lomé: Europe's Role in Africa's Growth

Paul Collier, Patrick Guillaumont, Sylviane Guillaumont and Jan Willlem Gunning
The European Union's Relations with the South: A commitment to development?

Olufemi Babarinde
Lome and Post-Lome: Asymmetric Negotiations and the Impact of Norms

Ole Elgström
Resisting Reform or Risking Revival? Renegotiating the Lomé Convention

Martin Holland
E: The Changing Agenda: Environment, competition, technology, investment
The European Union as an Actor in International Environmental Politics

John Vogler
Building an International Identity: The EU and Extraterritorial Competition Policy

Chad Damro
No More Euro-Champions? The Interaction of EU Industrial and Trade Policies

Stephen Mcguire
A: CFSP and Defence since 1990: Institutions and policy-making
EC: Confidence lost

Michael Brenner
The Capability-Expectations Gap, or Conceptualising Europe's International Role

Christopher Hill
Two Decades of EPC Performance

Simon Nuttall
Beyond the EU/NATO Dichotomy: The beginnings of a European strategic culture

Paul Cornish and Geoffrey Edwards
European Defence and the Changing Politics of the European Union: Hanging together or hanging separately?

Jolyon Howorth
The New CFSP and ESDP Decision-Making System of the European Union

Gisela Muller-Brandeck-Bocquet
The European Union as a Diplomatic Actor: Internal, traditional and structural diplomacy

Stephan Keukeleire
B: Foreign, Security Policy and Defence in Action
Europe's Uncommon Foreign Policy

Philip Gordon
The European Union as an International Actor: The issues of flexibility and linkage

Marise Cremona
Europe's Strategic Ambitions: The limits of ambiguity

François Heisbourg
From Crisis to Catharsis: ESDP after Iraq

Anand Menon
The European Security Strategy: An evolutionary history

Alyson Bailes
C: The External Politics of Internal Security
Wearing it Inside Out: European police cooperation between internal and external security

Monica Den Boer
The European Union and the Securitisation of Migration

Jef Huysmans
The External Dimension of Europeanization: The case of immigration policies

Sandra Lavenex and Emek Ucarer
The European Union as an International Actor in the Domain of Justice and Home Affairs

Joerg Monar
D: The Changing Agenda of Foreign and Security Policy: Conflict Prevention, Crisis Management, Human Rights
The EU's Capacity for Conflict Prevention

Christopher Hill
The EU and Crisis Management: Development and Prospects

Simon Duke
Speaking with One Voice? European Union coordination on human rights issues at the United Nations

Karen E. Smith
A: Transatlantic Relations
Power and Weakness: Why the United States and Europe see the world differently

Robert Kagan
America as a European Power: The end of empire by integration?

John Peterson
Contending Cultures of Counter-Terrorism: Transatlantic divergence or convergence?

Wyn Rees and Richard Aldrich
The New Transatlantic Agenda at Ten: Reflections on an experiment in international governance

Mark Pollack
B: The Expanding Europe and its Neighbours
Europe and the Middle East: Power by stealth?

Rosemary Hollis
The European Union and Turkey

Barry Buzan and Thomas Diez
A Wider Europe: The view from Moscow and Kyiv

Margot Light, Stephen White and John Lowenhardt
Eastern Enlargement: Risk, Rationality and role compliance

Ulrich Sedelmeier
The EU and Common Strategies: The revealing case of the Mediterranean

Claire Spencer
Why Expand? The Question of Legitimacy and Justification in yhe European Union's Enlargement Policy

Helene Sjursen
The Geopolitical Implications of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Roberto Aliboni
D: Asia, Africa and Latin America
Japan and the European Union: Reluctant Partners

Simon Nuttall
Evaluating the EU-Asem Relationship: A negotiated order approach

Anthony Forster
The EU and China

Richard Youngs
Perspectives for a New Regionalism: Relations between the EU and the Mercosur

Gisela M ller-Brandeck-Bocquet
Promoting Democracy, Preventing Conflict: The European Union and Africa

Gorm Rye Olsen

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ISBN: 9781412947534