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Interpreting Islam

Interpreting Islam

First Edition
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February 2002 | 196 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`Interpreting Islam is a useful contribution in the field of Islamic studies, not because of the questions it happens to answer - not too many - but because it helps one udnerstand why some of the questions are at all posed' - Kingshuk Chatterjee, The Statesman

Islam is one of the most misunderstood concepts in the West. Myths and stereotypes surround it. This clear and penetrating volume helps readers to make sense of Islam. It offers a penetrating guide to the diversity and richness of contemporary knowledge about Islam and Muslim society. Throughout, the emphasis is upon the value of pluralistic approaches to Islam, rather than condensing complexity with unifying concepts such as `Orientalism'.

Interdisciplinary in scope and organization, the book cuts through the bewildering and seemingly anarchic diversity of contemporary knowledge about Islam and Muslim society. The methodological difficulties and advantages of Western researchers focusing on Islam are fully documented. The book demonstrates how gender, age, status and `insider'/`outsider' status impacts upon research and inflects research findings.

Hastings Donnan and Martin Stokes
Interpreting Interpretations of Islam
Bryan S Turner
Orientalism, or the Politics of the Text
Beverley Milton-Edwards
Researching the Radical
The Quest for a New Perspective

Malise Ruthven
Islam in the Media
Susan L Douglass and Ross E Dunn
Interpreting Islam in American Schools
Ilyas Ba-Yunus
Ideological Dimensions of Islam
A Critical Paradigm

Charles Lindholm
Kissing Cousins
Anthropologists on Islam

Xavier de Planhol
Islam and the Sea
The Causes of a Failure

Jonathan Benthall
Organized Charity in the Arab-Islamic World
A View from the NGOs

Martin Stokes
Silver Sounds in the Inner Citadel?
Reflections on Musicology and Islam


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