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Introducing International Social Work

Introducing International Social Work

First Edition
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June 2009 | 160 pages | Learning Matters
This book guides the reader through the international development of social work and discusses how aspects of globalisation are making it an increasingly international activity and profession. Individual chapters locate the UK population historically and currently as a multicultural community and explore the international issues that social workers in the UK confront in their daily practice with children and families, people with mental health issues and older people. This text helps students meet the academic benchmarks and National Occupational Standards that require them to locate social work practice in a European and international context.

Understanding international social work
Global is local is global
Developing an international social work perspective
International aspects of social work with children, young people and families
International perspectives on social work with people with Mental Health issues
International aspects of social work with elders
International aspects of social work with people with disabilities
Social work as an international profession: origins, organisations and networks
Web-based resources for international social work

This area of social work can be left behind when putting together social work programme modules and yet it is vital that students understand that their profession goes beyond the boundaries of the UK and Europe.
This is a good introduction to the broader area of general social work practice overseas and whets the appetite for more.

Ms Donna Price
Dept of Childhood, Social Work & Social Care, University of Chichester
April 16, 2014

Excellent for BA and MA students in Social Work - providing them with inspiration and extending their knowledge of SW.

Dr Kim Robinson
Social Work (Medway), University of Kent
June 18, 2013

This is an extremely interesting book which I will use over many different modules on post-graduate and undergraduate social work degree modules.

I am currently considering international issues in social work as part of my own professional development and found this a very useful text.

Dr Ann Hodson
Social Work, Dundee University
January 4, 2013

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