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Introduction to Corrections Interactive eBook Student Version

Introduction to Corrections Interactive eBook Student Version

Second Edition

January 2016 | SAGE Publications, Inc

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“Very thorough and comprehensive, [Introduction to Corrections] provides a good balance between the big picture policy and societal issues with the more specific things those working in corrections on a day to day basis are faced with.”

David E. Olson, Ph.D., Loyola University Chicago


The Second Edition of Introduction to Corrections provides students with a strong, comprehensive foundation in the field of corrections using modern research, theoretical origins, and practical application. Designed for introductory corrections courses, this text uniquely illustrates how the day-to-day practitioner conducts business in the field of corrections, in both the institutional and community settings. Experienced correctional practitioner, scholar, and author, Robert D. Hanser shows students how the corrections system actually works, from classification, to security, to treatment, to demonstrating how and why correctional practices are implemented.


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Key features


  • Information on new legislation, statistics, examples, and topics throughout, include updates on sentencing practices, technological innovations, and offenders with special needs
  • Increased coverage of gender diversity and on the impact of the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) upon prison system operations have been added to relevant chapters
  • Text organization has been strengthened with the addition of part titles and revised chapter structure to provide students with a clear grouping of information for ease of navigation.
  • Learning objectives updated to utilize Bloom’s taxonomy for a closer connection to the key concepts in each chapter
  • Engaging chapter-opening vignettes highlight important issues in corrections and allow students to understand the challenges corrections practitioners face each day
  • Cross-National Perspective features have been moved from the end of the chapter into the main body of the text to better demonstrate the importance of considering corrections from a global perspective and how it relates to the concepts covered in each chapter perspective
  • Up-to-date statistics have been added to the tables and figures to provide students a snapshot of the status of corrections today
  • Content has been combined and streamlined into 17 chapters to allow professors to cover the entire text within a traditional semester schedule


  • Balanced coverage of research and practice gives students the best of both worlds as they prepare for a career in corrections and/or the criminal justice system
  • Assessment and classification from both institutional and community corrections perspectives offer students a well-rounded understanding of the field of corrections
  • Technology and Equipment boxes offer solid coverage of modern technology and equipment used in corrections and expose students to the benefits of technology such as the use of electronic surveillance systems, locking systems, and other advanced equipment
  • A chapter devoted to legal liabilities within institutional corrections equips students with essential legal knowledge they need to protect themselves and others out in the field
  • “What Would You Do?” assignments challenge students to think critically in every chapter
  • Corrections and the Law” sections highlight legal considerations in each chapter and provide continuity throughout
  • Various issues associated with specialized offender typologies help students understand a variety of offenders they will encounter in the field, such as female offenders, geriatric offenders, mentally ill offenders, gang offenders, and others
  • “Cross-National Perspectives” boxed features help students develop a global mindset using issues (determined by the content of the chapter) as they are addressed in other countries
  • A unique and distinctive photo program illustrates important concepts to students with dynamic photos, figures, and diagrams
  • An Interactive eBook version of the text allows students to access the online resources linked to in each chapter to enhance learning and understanding of the topics presented
  • An extensive ancillary package enhances student learning through online learning aids, exclusive SAGE journal articles, SAGE original video footage featuring the Angola state prison, NPR programming, and much more
  • Applied Theory features demonstrate the connection between criminological theory and the actual daily operations of correctional facilities
  • Focus Topic boxes delve into key topics in corrections, offering students a deeper look into critical issues
  • Exclusive Prison Tour and Inmate Videos provide a look into the daily operations of the correctional facilities at Angola State Penitentiary and Richwood Correctional Center with commentary from correctional staff

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