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Introduction to Criminal Justice Course Free Activities

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Try these free Introduction to Criminal Justice activities in your class 

Engage your students with these free activities from Criminal (In)Justice, 2e by Sage Author Aaron Fichtelberg. Share each activity with your students by simply copying and pasting the activity page URL into your learning management system (LMS).

Activity 1: What would you do? Interpreting the Constitution

In this activity, your students will imagine they are an appellate judge hearing the case of a woman, Lauren, who is accused of drug trafficking. The primary evidence against her was gathered using drone technology, without a warrant. The Fourth Amendment protects individuals from “unreasonable searches and seizures.” How would your students rule in this case? See activity

Activity 2: What would you do? Alternative Punishments

In this activity, your students will imagine they have been caught red-handed stealing alcohol from a liquor store. Also, a clerk was injured while trying to make their escape. An alternative punishment is offered to avoid jail time. See activity

Activity 3: Where do I fit in? Unconscious Bias

In this activity, your students can take an online test of their own unconscious racial biases. They can also see how they compare to others. See activity

Activity 4: What would you do? Could you be an executioner?

In this activity, your students will reflect on the reality that executing a person, even a person who is guilty of a terrible crime, is much more difficult than they’d think, and its ultimate effects on the person who does it can be deep and long-lasting. See activity.

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