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Introduction to Criminal Justice

Introduction to Criminal Justice
Practice and Process

Fifth Edition

January 2023 | 464 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Part I: Criminal Justice as a System: The Basics
Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Criminal Justice: Essential Themes and Practices
Chapter 2: Foundations of Law and Crime: Nature, Elements, and Measurement
Chapter 3: Theories of Criminality and Crime
Chapter 4: Ethical Essentials: Doing Right When No One Is Watching
Part II: The Police
Chapter 5: Police Organization: Structure and Functions
Chapter 6: Police at Work: Patrolling and Investigating
Chapter 7: Policing Methods and Challenges: Issues of Force, Reform, and Liability
Chapter 8: Expounding the Constitution: Laws of Arrest, Search, and Seizure
Part III: The Courts
Chapter 9: Court Organization: Structure, Functions, and the Trial Process
Chapter 10: The Bench and the Bar: Those Who Judge, Prosecute, and Defend
Chapter 11: Court Methods and Challenges: Sentencing and Punishment
Part IV: Corrections
Chapter 12: Prisons and Jails: Structure and Function
Chapter 13: The World Behind Bars: The “Keepers” and the “Kept”
Chapter 14: Corrections in the Community: Probation, Parole, and Other Alternatives to Incarceration
Part V: Spanning the System: Methods and Issues
Chapter 15: Juvenile Justice: Philosophy, Law, and Practices
Chapter 16: On the Crime Policy and Prevention Agenda: Immigration, Mass Murder, the Cyber Threat

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