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ISRO Misfired

ISRO Misfired
The Espionage Case That Shook India

First Edition

December 2019 | 216 pages | SAGE Select

WINNER: Third position, Reader’s Choice Awards 2020 (General Nonfiction category) by TCK Publishing

An infamous espionage case took the country by storm in 1994 and destroyed the lives and careers of many people. It has finally been put to rest after 25 years. The main accused, Nambi Narayanan, was vindicated and in compliance with the Supreme Court’s order, received Rs50 lakh compensation from the Kerala Government. He was also awarded the Padma Bhushan in 2019. But was all this too late? And what about the others who were accused? Has their honour been restored? Do we know the full story yet?

Ex-IB officer K. V. Thomas reveals the long saga of interrogations, investigations and legal battles. Full of original disclosures, the book exposes deep secrets and closed-door conversations of India’s most sensational spy case. 

Unfolding the Story
Mariam’s Tale
Fauzia, a Mother in a Telefilm
The Honey-traps and Honey Bees
A Confession Video
The Bearded Man with Sparkling Eyes
The Bearded Man Weaves New Characters
The Great Scientist
Colourful Narration of a Senior Scientist
The Forced Confession
Caught by the Red Hands of Judiciary
Politics that Ignited the Fire
Game Over: CBI versus IB
The Ghost That Haunted IB
Orchestrated by and for Media
Battle of Armageddon and the Final Judgement
In Hindsight Ad Nauseam

‘The author, a senior official of the Indian Intelligence Bureau, who was associated in various capacities in the alleged  ISRO espionage investigation speaks out the truth about what really happened in the so-called ISRO espionage case. The Supreme Court has now declared the case as false and concocted. The author talks about the victimological ill-effects and ramifications, exposing the reality from many hitherto unknown areas. The book will interest anyone concerned with criminal and victim justice.’

Dr James Vadackumcherry,
renowned criminologist and advocate, Neethi Law Chambers

“This book should be essential reading for police officers at all levels.”

Outlook, 29 November 2019

Thomas reveals the long saga of interrogations, investigations and legal battles.”

The Free Press Journal, 1 December 2019

“His book is a clarion call to the civil society of India that in sensational issues, it should not be carried away by motivated propaganda.”  

Rajasthan Patrika, 2 December 2019
Key features

• Exposes original investigations from 1994 ISRO espionage case which wrecked many lives and careers.

• Provides detailed revelations and thorough explanations of the consequences of the 1994 espionage case through the lens of victimology.

• The book answers some of the most sought-after questions about the wrongly accused and their restoration of honour in a case declared as falsly concocted, now finally been put to rest after 25 years by Supreme Court of India.

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ISBN: 9789353285845