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Judicial Politics

Judicial Politics
Readings from Judicature

Edited by:

Judicial Process

February 2005 | 688 pages | CQ Press

A nice balance between the conceptual and empirical, as well as the theoretical and practical, Judicial Politics is a uniquely accessible and interesting reader. Featuring carefully selected articles from Judicature, this reader delivers the journal's renowned diversity of opinion, accessibility of writing, and welcome blend of both scholarly and real–world perspectives. Students will benefit from a varied and comprehensive set of views from judges, lawyers, law professors, and social scientists.

Elliot Slotnick provides important background and context for each section of the book, covering such topics as actors in the system, the politics of representation, state courts, and judicial policymaking. The third edition's articles (of which 29 are new) reflect alternate—and in some case, opposing—points of view so that students can reflect more thoughtfully on the American justice system. Proven in the classroom, this new edition is useful for any course in judicial process, law and society, constitutional law, or judicial administration.

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