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Justice, Equality and Community

Justice, Equality and Community
An Essay in Marxist Political Theory

First Edition

Political Theory

March 2000 | 220 pages | SAGE India
A careful and wide-ranging assessment of the notion of justice in the Marxist tradition is provided by this book. Vidhu Verma demonstrates that Marx's analysis of exploitation provides a fruitful starting point to analyze current social conflicts. She examines three main themes: what she calls Marx's "critical non-juridical" concept of justice; different theories about what justice is in the context of social change; and the relevance of Marx's theory in the contemporary world in which new social movements - such as the green and women's movements - have looked to forge new conceptions of justice.

The Debate on Justice
A Critique of the Juridical Model
Exploitation and Justice
Justice and a Good Society

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ISBN: 9780761993797