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Keeping the Republic

Keeping the Republic
Power and Citizenship in American Politics - Brief Edition

Tenth Edition
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March 2023 | 760 pages | CQ Press
Keeping the Republic, Brief Tenth Edition gives students the power to examine the narrative of what's going on in American politics, distinguish fact from fiction and balance from bias, and influence the message through informed citizenship. Christine Barbour and Gerald C. Wright draw students into the study of American politics, showing them how to think critically about “who gets what, and how” while exploring the twin themes of power and citizenship. With students living through one of the most challenging periods in American life, this text is a much-needed resource to help them make sense of politics in America today and become savvy consumers of political information.

Carefully condensed from the Full Edition by authors Christine Barbour and Gerald C. Wright, Keeping the Republic, Brief Tenth Edition gives your students the same continuity and crucial content in a more concise, value-oriented package.

About the Authors
To the Student
1. Power and Citizenship in American Politics
2. The Politics of the American Founding
3. Federalism
4. Fundamental American Liberties
5. The Struggle for Equal Rights
6. Congress
7. The Presidency
8. The Bureaucracy
9. The American Legal System and the Courts
10. Public Opinion
11. Parties and Interest Groups
12. Voting, Campaigns, and Elections
13. Media, Power, and Political Communication
14. Domestic and Foreign Policy
Appendix Material
Appendix 1: Articles of Confederation
Appendix 2: Declaration of Independence
Appendix 3: Constitution of the United States


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“Barbour and Wright’s Keeping the Republic, Brief Edition, thoroughly explains key concepts and developments in American Politics in a clear and concise way. The themes and features of the text are well designed to boost student engagement. Two features, in particular, stick out to me; the What’s at Stake vignettes help bring the material alive through the use of real-world examples that demonstrate the significance of what is covered in the chapter. Additionally, the Big Picture graphics heighten students’ interest by boiling things down to easy-to-understand infographics. I have assigned this book to my Honors American Government classes, and these features are a great springboard for stimulating class discussion.”

Chad Hankinson
Virginia Tech Center for European Union, Transatlantic & Trans-European Space Studies (CEUTTSS)

“I have used the brief edition of Keeping the Republic for several years because it provides a good balance of coverage while working to always highlight its key theme.  Students appreciate the significance of the book’s title, and the approach used helps them grasp the nuances of our democratic system, and how they must actively work to ensure we keep it healthy and vibrant for future generations.”

Rob Baker
Wittenberg University

Keeping the Republic, Brief Edition, sets the benchmark for an accessible, student-centered text on American government with its focus on the role of citizens, technological influence, and an easy-to-understand yet effective framework for understanding power.

The text successfully engages and motivates students by showing them numerous ways of how stepping into the public sphere can make a meaningful, positive difference for the people around them. The infographics are best-in-class—they effectively capture complex political processes and are an excellent teaching tool. Students appreciate the critical thinking questions along the text that also offer plenty of material for lively class discussions.”

Henrik M. Schatzinger
Ripon College

Not adopting Logic text. This reads better

Professor Robert Milstein
English Communications Dept, East-West University
June 14, 2023
Key features
  • The new edition is available in Sage Vantage, an intuitive learning platform that integrates quality Sage textbook content with assignable multimedia activities and auto-graded assessments to drive student engagement and ensure accountability. Unparalleled in its ease of use and built for dynamic teaching and learning, Vantage offers customizable LMS integration and best-in-class support. Learn more.
  • New What’s at Stake…? vignettes introduce students to topics such why immigration reform is so hard to achieve, what the Senate’s obligation is to “give advice and consent” to the President, when the Supreme Court gets involved in partisan politics, when citizens want to move to direct democracy, when a president sets out to reverse the executive actions of their predecessor, why the middle class is shrinking, and more. .
  • Up-to-date 2022 election coverage and analysis, particularly in the chapters on Congress, the presidency, public opinion, political parties, and campaigns and elections.
  • Thoroughly updated throughout to account for recent developments. Please contact your Sage sales rep for a list of chapter-by-chapter changes.
  • The Power & Citizenship themes emphasize politics as not just a struggle over who gets power and resources in society, but also over who gets to control the narrative that defines that struggle.
  • What’s at Stake features push students to consider people’s struggle with our system of government–what the people in our society need, and how the rules affect the outcome of that struggle.
  • Profiles in Citizenship—interviews conducted by the authors with many of today’s prominent movers and shakers—demonstrate the variety of ways students can enter public life and make a difference.
  • Don’t Be Fooled By… boxes discuss big data and parody news sites.
  • A top-notch visual program grabs students’ attention and invites them to learn more about the data that drives the discipline.
    • The Big Picture graphics present rich, poster-worthy infographic displays that focus on a key element that grabs students’ attention and broadens their understanding of big processes, big concepts, and big data.
    • Snapshot of America graphics focus on demographics and invite students to explore the connections between data and politics and help them to understand the meaning behind the numbers.
  • Chapter-ending resources offer a more contextual learning experience including student review sections with chapter summaries and key terms as well as the CLUES to Critical Thinking exercises.
  • In Your Own Words sections at the start of each chapter provide learning objectives to help students organize chapter material as they read. These goals are reinforced in the “Who, What, How” summary at the end of every chapter.
  • CLUES to Critical Thinking boxes teach students to think carefully about the news of the day.
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