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Knowledge Societies

Knowledge Societies

  • Nico Stehr - Zeppelin University, Germany, University of British Columbia, Canada

January 1994 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Knowledge Societies offers both a critical examination of existing social theory, and a new synthesis of social theory with the actual study of knowledge relations in advanced economies. Some of the elements explored are scientization: the penetration not only of production but of most social action by scientific knowledge; the transformation of access to knowledge through higher education; the growth of experts (managers, accountants, advisors, and counselors) and of corresponding institutions based on the deployment of specialized knowledge; and a shift in the nature of societal conflict from struggles about income and property to claims and conflicts about generalized human needs. Nico Stehr's argument amply demonstrates not only that all social theories now need to take into account the changing nature of social relations around knowledge, but also the parameters within which this analysis should take place. This book is essential reading for all those interested in social theory, sociology of knowledge and science, and the general issue of knowledge in the late 20th century.

Knowledge and Social Action

The Concept of Knowledge Societies
Theories of Society
The Constitution of Modern Societies
The Design of Post-Industrial Societies
Knowledge about Knowledge
The Economic Structure of Knowledge Societies
Experts, Counselors and Advisers
The Technical State
The Texture of Knowledge Societies

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