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Land Reforms in India: Volume 9

Land Reforms in India: Volume 9
Tamil Nadu - An Unfinished Task

First Edition
Edited by:
  • M Thangaraj - Madras Institute of Development Studies, Chennai, India

Volume: 9

March 2021 | 304 pages | SAGE India
This is the ninth volume in a major series which studies the status of land reforms throughout the country. Critically examining the implementation of land reforms legislations in Tamil Nadu, the contributors address all the major issues including land and caste, temple lands, common property resources and absentee landlordism. They show that, due to laxity in implementing legislation, resourceful landowners successfully hold on to their surplus lands using various devious methods. By presenting detailed case studies, various essays explain the reasons why the provisions have not been efficacious and also suggest ways to overcome the problems.

Foreword Wajahat Habibullah
T V Somanathan
Land Reforms in Tamil Nadu: A Case Study Based Analysis
M P Gurusamy
Land Ceiling Act and Absentee Landlordism
S Jaganathan
Urgent Need for a People's Movement
M Mariappan
Whither Land Reforms in India
S Jaganathan
Land for Tillers Freedom: A Humane Approach to the Land Problem
S Varadarajan
Land Reforms and Productivity of Farms in Tamil Nadu
T Haque
Organising the Rural Poor for Land Reform: Background Paper
A P Singh
Implementation of Land Ceiling Programme in Tamil Nadu
Brindavan C Moses
A Brief Note on Panchami Land
M Thangaraj
Land and Caste in Tamil Nadu
V Sivaprakasam
Temple Lands in the Agraian Economy of Tamil Nadu
R Vidyasagar
Agrarian Question in Tamil Nadu
M Thangaraj
Agricultural Land Transfers: Study of Two Villages in Tamil Nadu
S Krishnan
Status of Tenancy in Coimbatore District
V Annamalai
Panchayats and Common Property Resources in Tamil Nadu
C Sekar
Common Property Resources with Special Reference to Common Property Land Resources

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ISBN: 9780761997801