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Leadership for Organizations - Interactive eBook

Leadership for Organizations - Interactive eBook


April 2019 | SAGE Publications, Inc
This interactive eBook includes access to SAGE Premium Video and much more! 

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This dynamic interactive eBook goes way beyond highlighting and note-taking, giving you access to SAGE Premium Video—curated and produced specifically for Leadership for Organizations. Read your mobile-friendly eBook and access SAGE Premium Video and multimedia tools anywhere, anytime across desktop, smartphone, and tablet devices. Simply click on icons in the eBook to experience a broad array of multimedia features, including:
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  • AUDIO: Listen to engaging podcasts and audio resources that supplement and enrich key points within the text.
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1. Introduction
Defining Organizational Leadership

Some Important Introductory Questions

Approach and Organization of this Book

2. Leader Traits and Characteristics
Leader Traits

Leader Behavior Styles

Video Case 2.1: Recovering from Failure

Video Case 2.2: Field of Dreams

Video Case 2.3: Bare Power of Humor


3. Leader-Member Exchange and Relationship-Building
Leader-Member Exchange

Political Savvy

Video Case 3.1: First Time Manager

Video Case 3.2: Dealing with a Star

Video Case 3.3: Reaching Generation Y


4. Followership: Managing Up and Sideways
Types of Followers

Managing Up

Managing Sideways

Video Case 4.1: Managing Up

Video Case 4.2: Managing Your Boss

Video Case 4.3: Positioning for Influence

Video Case 4.4: Igniting Collaboration


5. Situational Leadership
Path-Goal Leadership

Hersey/Blanchard Approach to Situational Leadership

Vroom/Jago Approach to Situational Leadership

Putting Situational Leadership in Perspective

Video Case 5.1: Technical Prima Donna

Video Case 5.2: Unmotivated Subordinate


6. Ethical and Moral Leadership
The Ethical/Moral Person

Actions as a Leader

Responsible and Accountable Leadership

Additional Considerations of Ethical/Moral Leadership: Some Nagging Questions

Video Case 6.1: Walking the Line

Video Case 6.2: Sharing Bad News

Video Case 6.3: Making Exceptions

Video Case 6.4: Abusive Partner

Video Case 6.5: Paying Bribes

Video Case 6.6: Vision, Values, and Culture


7. Seeking, Receiving, and Giving Feedback
Seeking and Receiving Feedback as a Leader

Giving Feedback as a Leader

Video Case 7.1: Learning from a Mistake

Video Case 7.2: Giving Feedback

Video Case 7.3: Coaching a Direct Report


8. Team and Shared Leadership
Key Elements of Team-Oriented Coaching and Leadership

Leadership and the Stages of Team Development

Shared Leadership

Leading Virtual Teams

Video Case 8.1: Taking on a Struggling Team

Video Case 8.2: Castaway Clinic

Video Case 8.3: Underperforming Team


9. Men and Women in Leadership Roles
Challenges for Women Who Attempt to Lead

Challenges for Male Leaders in an Increasingly Diverse Environment

Video Case 9.1: Power Challenge

Video Case 9.2: Gender Stereotypes

Video Case 9.3: Pecking Order Games

Video Case 9.4: Navigating in an Alpha World

Video Case 9.5: Developing Behaviors to Thrive

Video Case: 9.6: Advantages of Being a Woman


10. Global Leadership
Who Are Global Leaders?

Understanding the American Cultural and Business Context

Global Leadership Orientation

Avoiding Misinterpretations

Video Case 10.1: Managing Cultural Diversity

Video Case 10.2: Building Bonds

Video Case 10.3: Leading a Global Team


11. Inspirational and Visionary Leadership
The Connection between Bases of Power and Influence

Charismatic and Transformational Leadership

Mission as a Basis for Vision

Effective Leader Vision

Video Case 11.1: Building Trust

Video Case 11.2: Keeping People Humble

Video Case 11.3: How Do You Keep that Edge?


12. Strategic Leadership and Shaping Organizational Culture
Environmental Context, Competitive Advantage, and Organizational Culture

What is Organizational Culture All About?

Aligning Culture with Vision, Mission, and Strategy

How Do Leaders Create and Reinforce Culture?

Video Case 12.1: Culture, Priorities, and Acquisitions

Video Case 12.2: Building Cultural Accountability

Video Case 12.3: Hiring Mistake


13. Generating Organizational Change through Strategic Leadership
Why the Leading of Change Has Becomes So Important

Four Basic Frames of Organizational Change

The Role of the Leader in Change

Video Case 13.1: Bare Power of Story

Video Case 13.2: Resistance to Change

Video Case 13.3: Getting Buy-In

Video Case 13.4: Gaining Commitment



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