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A Diverse, Inclusive and Critical Approach

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May 2023 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book explores the different facets and wide-ranging approaches to leadership – from the evolution of leadership with a focus on traits, to critically assessing various styles and approaches to leadership.  Chapters explore social constructionist approaches to leadership; relational leadership; ethics, leadership and strategic HRM; power and the dark side of leadership, as well as the implications of leadership in the digital era and leadership in an age of increased surveillance. The book critiques the domination of Western, white, and masculine centric approaches to leadership while examining the gendering and racialisation of leadership, and issues pertaining to exclusion and inclusion.

Features include:

·       Non-Western case studies that give a truly global outlook.

·       A Decolonising Leadership feature that highlights diverse sources and perspectives to encourage you to look beyond the traditional leadership canon.

·       Reflective questions that encourage critical thinking.  

Suitable for upper undergraduate and postgraduate students studying leadership.

Dr. Naveena Prakasam is a lecturer in Organisational Behaviour and Human Resource Management at the University of Southampton.

Part 1: Setting The Scene
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 1: Introduction
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 2: Evolution Of Leadership Theories 1: Traits And Skills
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 3: Evolution Of Leadership Theories 2: Leadership Styles, Leader Versus Manager Debate
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 4: The Social Construction Of Leadership
Part 2: Connectedness And Context
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 5: Relational Leadership
Louisa Huxtable-Thomas and Russ Huxtable
Chapter 6: Leadership In Crisis – What We Can Learn From Entrepreneurs And Intrapreneurial Approaches
Part 3: Contemporary Issues And Leadership
James Wallace and Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 7: Power And The Dark Side Of Leadership
Geraint Harvey and Carl Rhodes
Chapter 8: Leadership, Ethics And Strategic HRM
Desireé Joy Cranfield, Isabella Venter and Andrea Tick
Chapter 9: Leadership And The Digital Age
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 10: Datafication, Surveillance And Leadership
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 11: Gender, Race, And Leadership
Naveena Prakasam
Chapter 12: Conclusion

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Dr Geetha Karunanayake
Hull University Business School, Hull University
August 29, 2023

Up to date with some interesting aspects not found in other books e.g. existential aspects of leadership. Interesting and engaging text.

Mrs Janette Hurst
Business and Management, Sheffield Hallam University
May 25, 2023

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