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Leading Change in Multiple Contexts

Leading Change in Multiple Contexts
Concepts and Practices in Organizational, Community, Political, Social, and Global Change Settings

July 2009 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Leadership Solutions

The first book to bring together both leadership and change theories, concepts, and processes, Leading Change in Multiple Contexts uses a consistent framework and the latest research to help readers understand and apply the concepts and practices of leading change.

Key Features

Brings together leadership and change concepts and practices in five distinct contexts—organizational, community, political, social change, and global

Draws from a wide range of classic and recent scholarship from multiple disciplines

Includes the perspectives of change and leadership experts

Offers real-life vignettes that provide examples of leading change in every context

Provides readers with application and reflection exercises that allow them to apply leadership and change concepts to their experiences

Leading Change in Multiple Contexts is designed for undergraduate and graduate courses in Change Management, Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Development, and Leadership and Change offered in departments of business, education, communication, and public administration, as well as programs focusing on leadership, public policy, community activism, and social change.

The St. Luke Penny Savings Bank: A Change Vignette

Purpose, Concepts, and Practices

Ch 1. Causality, Change, and Leadership by Gill Robinson Hickman and Richard A. Couto
Barbara Rose Johns

Analytical Elements


The Environment of Organizational Change

Purpose of Organizational Change

Change Vignette: Technology Solutions Turns Disaster Into Dividends

Ch 2. Concepts of Organizational Change
What Kind of Organizational Change Do We Want or Need?


Ch 3. Concepts of Leadership in Organizational Change
What Type of Leadership Do We Want or Need to Accomplish Change?


Ch 4. Organizational Change Practices
Which Practices Do We Employ To Implement Change?


Applications and Reflections

Ch 5. Community Change Context by Richard A. Couto, Sarah Hippensteel and Marti Goetz

Purpose of Community Change

Change Vignette: Citizens for the Responsible Destruction of Chemical Weapons

Concepts of Change

Concepts of Leadership

Change Practices


Application and Reflection

Ch 6. Crossing Organizational and Community Contexts

Change Vignette: Microcredit to Rural Women

Concepts of Change Across Organizational and Community Contexts

Concepts of Leadership Across Organizational and Community Contexts

Change Practices Across Organizational and Community Contexts


Ch 7. Political Change Context by Richard A. Couto

Purpose of Political Change

Change Vignette: Extraordinary Rendition

Concepts of Political Change

Concepts of Political Leadership

Change Practices


Application and Reflection

Ch 8. Social Change Context

The Purpose of Social Change

Change Vignette: OASIS: An Initiative in the Mental Health Consumer Movement

Concepts of Social Change

Concepts of Social Change Leadership

Social Change Practices


Application and Reflection

Ch 9. Crossing Political and Social Contexts

Vignette: The Sikh Coalition

Concepts of Political and Social Change

Concepts of Political and Social Leadership

Change Practices Across Political and Social Contexts


Ch 10. Global Change Context by Rebecca Todd Peters and Gill Robinson Hickman

Purpose of Global Change

Change Vignette: Chad-Cameroon Pipeline

Concepts of Global Change

Concepts of Global Leadership

Global Change Practices


Application and Reflection

Ch 11. Crossing Global and Social Contexts: Virtual Activism in Transnational Dotcauses, E-Movements, and Internet Nongovernmental Organizations

Change Vignette: Is Global Civil Society a Good Thing?

Concepts of Virtual Change

Concepts of Virtual Leadership

Virtual Change Practices


Conclusion: Connecting Concepts and Practices in Multiple Contexts
Epilogue: Leading Intellectual Change: The Power of Ideas by James MacGregor Burns
About the Author
About the Contributors

It was the single book that I could find to address change and change leadership on a global level, across teams, organizations, as well as political and social aspects in community and society. An updated version would be good, as well as a version that goes a little deeper for the graduate level, but for now, this is the foundations book that we will supplement with peer-reviewed literature for student learning at the MS and doctoral levels.

Dr Anton Shufutinsky
Business Administration Dept, Cabrini University
March 30, 2021

This book covers a variety of important topics in transforming various types of organizations

Dr Sequetta Sweet
School of Education, Stockton University
December 3, 2020

Good, quality text on leading organizational change in various context.

Dr Clarence Williamson
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, Walden University
March 4, 2014

I recommend this book for three different courses all of which relate to leadership and change. Feedback from students has been very positive; they like the links made between the disciplines of leadership and change and they like the accessible but academic style.

Dr Karen Blakeley
Business Law and Sport, Winchester University
December 31, 2012

A broad text that does bring together leadership, change and politics, but not very many examples from health, which is my main student backgruond at this Masters programme, so recommended as possible reading. On the reading list for the module.

Linda Lilley
School of Health, Northampton University
February 9, 2011

The course I teach on is not surrounding the subject matter of this book.Although it is a very appropriate topic for some areas I did not see this would quite 'fit' for the groups I am currently teaching.However,it may be useful for a new course I will be teaching on in Septemeber and I also found it useful for myself professionally.Thank you

Mrs Lynn Peters
Society and Health, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College
January 4, 2011

This is a useful text for students of leadership/management. It covers the processes of leading change in great detail. As such, it is more of a 'dip in' text than a core reader for our students.

Dr Cate Watson
Education, Stirling University
November 24, 2010

The book is being considered to support a leadership element in a Masters in Education currently being designed for Sept 2011. We liked the style and level of this book. Good conceptual coverage. Good source book. Useful examples. Part 2 was the section of most relevance to us. I would recommend it to students for back ground conceptual reading on change.

Dr David White
Carnegie Faculty, Leeds Metropolitan University
November 17, 2010

This text is a little bit different to the many books available on leadership and change. It cleverly uses enduring and relevant exisitng models, theories and concepts to introduce new ways of thinking. The level of critical challenge is perfect for master's level students.

Ms Ceri Daniels
Sch of Education & Prof Development, Huddersfield University
November 15, 2010

Its an excellent text to be used for the PhD class as supplemental reading for the Non Profit Concentration.

Dr Faith Ngunjiri
Campolo College of Graduate and Professional Studies, Eastern University
August 12, 2010
Key features
  • The book uses a consistent framework throughout for understanding and applying concepts and practices of leading change.
  • Each chapter begins with a vignette about real-life situations that provide examples of leading change in each context.
  • Application and reflection exercises allow readers to apply the information they learn.

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