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Leading Schools to Success

Leading Schools to Success
Constructing and Sustaining High-Performing Learning Cultures

December 2010 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Lead your school to success with PRIDE

What's missing in education reform in the United States? The answer is leadership; specifically, the ability of school and district leaders to construct and continually nurture a culture of sustained high performance. A true leader needs to have not only a vision of the desired culture, but the skills and information necessary to make that vision a reality. Providing a combined 70 years of classroom and administrative experience, renowned authors James Guthrie and Patrick Schuermann offer a practice-based approach, grounded in research and theory, to achieving and maintaining an atmosphere of success in schools through effective leadership.

Table of Contents
School Culture Checklist
Case Study 1: Buchanan School: Can School Culture Get Better than this?
Chapter 1: Defining and Specifying the Significance of School Culture
Case Study 2: Possible Reform at Washington High School: How Far Can a Productive Culture Stretch?
Chapter 2: Components of a High Performing School Culture
Cast Study 3: Walton Charter Prepares to Select A Head: What Kind of Leader Might Create a Productive Culture?
Chapter 3: Leadership and Effective School Culture
Case Study 4: Warren County School Board Performance Pay Cram Down Can a Productive Culture Withstand an Unexpected External Pressure?
Chapter 4: Personnel and School Culture
Case Study 5: The Challenge of an (Almost) Brand New School: Can the Past be Blended with the New to Form a Productive Culture?
Chapter 5: Resource Deployment and School Culture
Case Study 6: Data, Data Everywhere but Hardly a Drop of Useful Information
Chapter 6: Data-driven Decision Making and School Culture
Case Study 7: “My Way” Ray and the “New” Accountability
Chapter 7: Assessments, Accountability, Awards, and School Culture
Case Study 8: A Principal Opening at the Grant School: Can a Dysfunctional Culture Be Undone?
Chapter 8: Contextual Challenges to Formation of a Learning Culture

This book is an excellent choice for beginning school principals as they build a collaborative high-performing culture in their schools.

Dr Sheila Moore
Educational Lead Humn Svc Dept, Florida A & M University
August 20, 2012

The program faculty decided upon a different author and text.

Dr Cheryl Evans
Educational Admin , University of Central Oklahoma
January 31, 2012
Key features

Key Features

  • PRIDE. This mnemonic, used throughout the book, sums up the primary levers available to a leader who is attempting to construct an effective school culture:                                  P: policy and personnel                                                                                            R: resource deployment                                                                                            I: incentives and accountability                                                                                D: data and assessment                                                                                         E: empowerment and energy
  • School Culture Challenge Case Studies—featuring real-life schools, people, and conditions—precede each chapter to illustrate day-to-day challenges faced by leaders in education today.
  • This book provides needed insight into timely topics such as value-added testing, educator performance pay, and more. · The content and guidance of each chapter is correlated to the Educational Leadership Constituents Council (ELCC) Standards.
  • The authors pay particular attention to challenges specific to turning around a low-achieving or stagnant school.

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