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Life Choices

Life Choices
Teaching Adolescents to Make Positive Decisions about Their Own Lives

March 2006 | 136 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
'Nothing is so exhausting as indecision, and nothing is so futile' - Bertrand Russell

.. and teachers, parents and carers worry that the decisions that children and young people make might be unwise or dangerous.

Decision making is a skill involving both a cognitive and an affective process. The ability to:

" recognize the thoughts and feelings;

" consider the consequences;

" choose the best outcome;

is a highly valued facility leading to resilience, achievement and responsibility. The skill can be taught and in these three volumes the authors provide all the materials needed to teach a course on decision making at each age level.

The programme provides a menu of stories related to the real life experiences of the young people. Topics are selected to be age appropriate and the series includes:

" Stealing;

" Lying;

" Social behaviours;

" Risks;

" Justice;

" Loss, Grief and Bereavement;

" Prejudice;

" First love;

" Disability;

" Leaving home;

" Family relationships.

The teacher notes indicate 'stopping points' where reflection and discussion is encouraged. A choice of endings is offered or the young people can develop their own ideas about what might happen next.

The course can be introduced at any age or used to develop the skills through school life from early years to the teens.

Session 1: Just Being Myself
Session 2: The Visitation
Session 3: A Beautiful Friendship
Session 4: Borderlines
Session 5: Your Cheating Heart
Session 6: You Were Wonderful Tonight
Session 7: Two Pints of Dark
Session 8: Bearding The Dragon
Session 9: Aunt Dotty And The Dog
Session 10: Choices
Session 11: To Be a Star
Session 12: Baby Won't You Drive My Car?

'Each book [in this series] has a wealth of material designed to help young people think about various life situations. Another useful resource for the teacher. Each will stimulate discussion and follow up activities.' - Behaviour UK

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