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Littlefield Labs Simulation for Joel D. Wisner's Operations Management

Littlefield Labs Simulation for Joel D. Wisner's Operations Management

  • Sam Wood - Responsive Learning Technologies
  • Sunil Kumar - John Hopkins University, USA, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, USA

January 2017 | SAGE Publications, Inc

Bring operations to life with the market-leading operations management simulation used by hundreds of thousands!

Labs makes it easy for students to see operations management in practice by engaging them in a fun and competitive online simulation of a blood testing lab.  Students learn how to maximize their cash by making operational decisions: buying and selling capacity, adjusting lead time quotes, changing inventory ordering parameters, and selecting scheduling rules. Different simulation assignments are available to demonstrate and teach a variety of operations management topics including:

·         process analysis;

·         capacity management;

·         forecasting;

·         inventory control;

·         queueing;

·         lead time management; and

·         and demand management.

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Key features


  • Fun, interactive simulation gives students hands-on experience as they make decisions in a competitive, dynamic environment
  • Flexible assignments range from 45-minute games to 7-day games keep students engaged  
  • Easy-to-follow instructions allow instructors and students to quickly start the games without any prior experience with online simulations.
  • A scoreboard with team standings reinforces the competitive nature of the game and keeps cash at the forefront of students' minds.
  • Sample assignments and teaching notes are available upon request.

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ISBN: 9781506369716