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Managing People at Work

Managing People at Work
Employment Relations in Globalizing India

First Edition
  • Subesh Das - Director General, Administrative Training Institute, West Bengal

January 2011 | 268 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Tremendous changes in global and national economic environments have led to transformations in employment and human resource systems in India. As an emerging economy, studying the employment systems in India assumes unprecedented importance for governments and corporations alike. This book examines the changes in employment relations in India in the post-reform period.

Combining field practices in actual workplaces with frontline theoretical arguments in human resource management and industrial relations, the book examines the validity of the "converging divergences" thesis in employment relations for India. Through this study, it identifies the sources of variations in employment relation practices. It also studies important developments such as increased use of contract labor over regular workers, business management methods of MNCs and how their employment relations practices differ from those of Indian firms.


Convergences and Divergences in Employment Relations

Changing Contexts of Employment Relations and Shift in Capital-Labor Power Balance

Union Decline, Growing Inequality, and Divergences in Employment Relations

Divergences in Employment Systems in the Indian Textile Industry

Restructuring of Firms and Transformation of Employment Relation Systems

Employment Relations in IT-Enabled Services

Multinationals-Convergences and Divergences in Employment Relations: A case study

Employment Relations in Small Firms

Conclusions: Convergences and divergences




Combining field practices in actual workplaces with frontline theoretical arguments in HRM and industrial relations, the book examines the validity of the “converging divergences” thesis in employment relations for India…The book is appropriate for students, professionals, academicians, and researchers. The global convergence issues in the book will attract readers interested in International and comparative employment relations. Various case studies included in the book enlighten reader about the contemporary practices in HRM…The strength of this book lies in its comprehensive coverage of contemporary issues within the framework of rich theoretical argument. The book is recommended…for courses on HRM and Employment Relations both for graduate and post-graduate courses in business schools.

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