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Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events

Marketing for Tourism, Hospitality & Events
A Global & Digital Approach

Second Edition
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March 2024 | 416 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This cutting-edge and engaging student textbook, now in a second edition, provides essential coverage of marketing principles for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, with a strong focus on the increasing global and digital aspects of these industries.

The text has been updated to include all the latest industry developments, practice and research, including the lasting impacts of Covid-19 on consumer behaviour and, in turn, the tourism, hospitality and events industries, as well as the accelerated role of digitalization and use of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the metaverse, both of which are changing how people conceive of travel and experiences whilst blurring the boundaries between what is real and virtual. 

Popular chapter features such as Lessons from a Marketing Guru, featuring personal insights from real world practitioners, and Digital Spotlights, which highlight the ways in which technology has transformed tourism, hospitality and events, and Marketing in Action case studies continue to help bring the text to life through fun and relevant examples from a wide variety of organizations and regions across the globe. 

This textbook is essential reading for any university or college course looking at marketing in relation to tourism, hospitality and events.

Simon Hudson is a tourism and hospitality professor at the University of South Carolina.

Louise Hudson is a freelance travel journalist writing for a host of newspaper travel sections, online tourism sites, and her own blog.

Chapter 1: Today’s Marketing Environment
Chapter 2: Understanding Today’s Consumer
Chapter 3: Digital Marketing
Chapter 4: The Marketing Plan
Chapter 5: The Tourism and Hospitality Product
Chapter 6: Pricing
Chapter 7: Distribution
Chapter 8: The Role of Advertising and Sales Promotions
Chapter 9: Public Relations and Personal Selling
Chapter 10: Customer Service
Chapter 11: Marketing Research
Chapter 12: Tourism Marketing Ethics
Key features
  • A global perspective, with examples and cases from around the world including developing nations
  • A  specific focus on digital with digital marketing principles threaded throughout the book as well as a dedicated chapter
  • "Lessons from a Marketing Guru" feature introduces readers to a famous figures from Tourism/Events (such as Richard Branson) or an entrepreneurial individual for applied learning and employability


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