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Material Geographies

Material Geographies
A World in the Making

Edited by:

November 2009 | 432 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Is the current form of globalization inevitable? Material Geographies shows that the present form of globalization has been actively 'made' by corporations, governments and international agencies, as well as through the combined efforts of many smaller actors. It discusses:

o themes - including economy, environment, politics, mobility, technology

o actors - human and non-human forces, from biodiversity to climate

o spaces - the key concepts of territory and flow

o responsibilities - our relations with people and other living things.

Taking a range of different perspectives - from financial institutions to nation states, global migration to local identity - this is a vivid exposition of how globalization works at different scales. Unique in teaching literature with its focus on the non-human, it demonstrates how globalization can be understood geographically.

Doreen Massey & Nigel Clark
Nigel Clark
Climate Changes: island life in a volatile world
Michael Pryke
Making Finance, Making Worlds
Nick Bingham
Bioprospecting and the Global Entanglement of People, Plants and Pills
Klaus Dodds
The Ice: unstable geographies of Antarctica
Owain Jones
Of Trees and Trails: place in a globalised world
Giles Mohan
Community, Cloth and other Travelling Objects
Doreen Massey
Geographies of Solidarity
Sarah Whatmore & Nigel Clark
Good Food: ethical consumption and global change
Nigel Clark & Doreen Massey

Some parts I have found quite useful for 2 nd year students in geography

Miss Mathilde Christensen
Environmental, Social & Spatial Change, University of Roskilde
May 1, 2015

Innovative; suitable for students who don't want to be bored by "theoretical" immaterial topics. But the lecturer says: "Material, but not all without theory. Highly interesting and cutting-edge."

Dr Marcus Werner
Institute of Geography, University of Wurzburg
April 23, 2016

An interesting compilation that summarizes geographical insigths into the making of globalization

Mr Gerhard Rainer
Department of Geography, University of Innsbruck
April 14, 2015

Special attention of this volume compiled and edited by highly prominent and high ranking scientists - Nigel Clark, Doreen Masses and Philip Sarre - is turned towards the idea of a new 'Making of the World'. This perspective looms in each contribution and binds these together by building up on subsequent motors of the new 'making'. The contributions by various scientists in geography open views on perspectives of global change in ways, which question 'truths' and concepts, which in general constitute our image of the world. All in all a fascinating work, which can be an eye-opener both to lecturers and students.

Professor Sabine Troeger, Dr.
Geography Institute - Library, University of Bonn
August 15, 2015

A varied text with a good range of topics from some key authors. Certainly not essential reading but one to direct students towards if they're interested in particular chapter themes.

Dr Matt Benwell
School of Environmental Science, Liverpool University
August 17, 2012

Useful teaching resource that will engage students.

Dr Shona Russell
School of Management, St Andrews University
May 8, 2012

Really interesting read. The length of the essays is a good thing - will need a bit of module re-development to fit this in, but these redevelopments happen every year.

Professor David Harvey
Dept of Geography, Exeter University
September 20, 2010

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