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Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse

Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse
A Practical Guide

Second Edition

August 2001 | 298 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

This newly updated edition of the top-selling reference manual for the medical evaluation of suspected child sexual abuse has been expanded to reflect the increasing importance of properly performed, well-documented examinations. Not only does the book cover aspects of the physical examination and diagnosis for sexual abuse, its additional coverage of interviewing children and collecting evidence for criminal investigations makes it an inclusive guidebook for all aspects of the child sexual abuse evaluation process.

New to the Second Edition

  • New chapters on legal issues, collection of forensic evidence, issues for nurses, and the special needs of adolescents
  • Expanded and updated coverage of sexually transmitted diseases, diagnostic problems, and documenting examinations
  • Vastly expanded collection of illustrative photographs (including 83 in color) and line drawings

Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse is an invaluable illustrated guidebook for physicians, nurses, and other professionals involved with investigation of child abuse cases.

Angelo P Giardino
The Problem
Martin A Finkel
The Evaluation
Martin A Finkel
Physical Examination
Lawrence R Ricci
Documentation of Physical Evidence in Child Sexual Abuse
Deborah C Stewart
Outline of STDs in Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse
Cindy W Christian and Angelo P Giardino
Forensic Evidence Collection
Deborah E Lowen
Unique Needs of Adolescent Patients
Lori D Frasier
The Anogenital Exam
Diagnostic Dilemmas, Minics of Abuse

Eileen R Giardino and Jamie Ferrell
Nursing Issues Related to Child Sexual Abuse Evaluations
Julie Lippmann
Psychological Issues
Angelo p Giardino and Stephen Ludwig
Interdiscipinary Approaches to Child Maltreatment
Assessing Community Resources

John Meyers
Legal Issues in the Medical Evaluation of Child Sexual Abuse
Martin A Finkel
Documentation, Reports Formulation, and Conclusions

"It is an excellent resource for the non-expert general practitioner, resident physician, or student in search of basic information. It is also a valuable asset to those regularly working in this field who require a quick reference. . .provides a detailed roadmap for the appropriate medical evaluation of sexually abused children and adolescents." 

Kevin Coulter, M.D.

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ISBN: 9780761920823