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Migrants - 'Them' and 'Us'

Migrants - 'Them' and 'Us'
Mainstream and Radical Right Political Rhetoric in Europe

January 2021 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In light of the recent global resurgence of radical and populist right-wing parties, this book examines the influence of anti-immigration rhetoric in Europe. Topical and timely, it deftly guides the reader through the parties’ historical development and highlights the real-world impacts of such rhetoric in today’s political climate.

Grounded in a focussed, comparative critical discourse analysis that draws on methods from political science and linguistics, the book:

·         Offers an overview of anti-immigration and discriminatory rhetoric in Europe over the past thirty-five years

·         Illuminates how current political trends are interwoven with the historical rise of the radical right

·         Explores what successful integration policies and ways to prevent racist and xenophobic discourse might look like

Exposing the insidious nature of malevolent political rhetoric and its consequences, this book is a timely and essential read for students of global politics, political communications, and critical discourse studies.


Chapter 1: Refugees as threats and unequal rights as party politics
Chapter 2: Who should be let in?: Perspectives on immigration
Chapter 3: How should we live together?: Perspectives on integration
Chapter 4: Beyond nationalism and discrimination
Chapter 5: Epilogue

Boréus uses a commanding knowledge of migration policy and an in-depth database on policy discourses to provide a forensic account of how these policies are discussed and shaped, both from the mainstream and fringes, in six key European country cases.

William Allchorn
School of Politics and International Studies, University of Leeds

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