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Miners and Millhands

Miners and Millhands
Work, Culture and Politics in Princely Mysore

First Edition

September 1998 | 330 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
An AltaMira Press Book The coming of the British to India marked the entry of 'modern' science and technology into the country and the beginning of the subjugation of traditional scientific systems. The British, in fact, used science and technology as a tool for maintaining and expanding the Empire. Against this background, Dr. Anil Kumar unravels the political linkages and sociological interactions between Western medical science and the British Empire, focusing on the period 1835-1911. The author provides a contemporary critique of the imperialist-nationalist debate on research in medicine and also outlines the course of action the British ought to have taken to ameliorate suffering in India. With its broad sweep, this book will interest historians, political scientists, sociologists, and those involved in studying the interface between science, technology, and society.

Dangerous Labour
Crime, Work and Punishment

Visions of Plenitude in the Margins of Subsistence
Representing Labour
The Strike of 1930

Political Worlds of Workers
Production Regimes and Cultural Processes
Labouring Lives in the City
Learning to Strike
The Seductions of Nationalism

`This book is well written....It is a must for readers and students of South Asian labour history as well as comparitive history' - Contempory South Asia

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ISBN: 9780761992516