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Mission creep

Mission creep
Why religious beliefs must not stop debate

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SAGE Publications Ltd

The issue's special report looks at religion and freedom of expression as well as religious offence. When is the right to religious freedom suppressed or censored? Where do we draw the line between offence and faith and how should society respond?

It looks at persecution of religions around the world, including the Bishop of Bradford Nicholas Baines's account of Christians in Sudan, analysis of China’s Uighur Muslim minority community; Islamist challenges to free speech in Turkey; Felix Corley on Uzbekistan, where owning religious texts can get you into trouble; the new law on offence to religious feelings introduced in Russia in July 2013; and clashes between church and state in South Africa. The issue also looks at religious offence and art with Martin Rowson, Samira Ahmed and an interview with playwright Gurpreet Kaur Bhatti to mark the10-year anniversary of the Behzti affair. The issue also publishes, for the first time in English, an extract from Lebanese playwright Lucien Borjely's banned play.

Part I: Special report: Mission creep: Defending religious tolerance and free speech
Nick Baines
Chapter 1: Sound and Fury
Natasha Joseph
Chapter 2: Cape God
Samira Ahmed
Chapter 3: Defending the Right to be Offended
Kaya Gen?
Chapter 4: Pressure Points
Rachael Jolley
Chapter 5: Telling Difficult Stories
Alexander Verkhovsky
Chapter 6: Religion Rules
Salil Tripathi
Chapter 7: Turning Point
Sean Gallagher
Chapter 8: Stealth Creationists
Ronaldo Pelli
Chapter 9: Religious Intolerance in the Land of Festivals
Martin Rowson
Chapter 10: Laugh Out Loud
Padraig Reidy
Chapter 11: Not Waving, Not Listening
Brian Pellot
Chapter 12: Online Mission
Felix Corley
Chapter 13: Seizing Scriptures
Part II: In Focus
Jason Daponte
Chapter 14: Changing the Rules of the End Game
Sally Gimson
Chapter 15: A Net of Our Own?
Philippa McIntyre
Chapter 16: Protest Posted
Kaya Gen?
Chapter 17: Rise of Turkish Citizens’ Media
Andrei Aliaksandrau
Chapter 18: Fight Club
Rachael Jolley
Chapter 19: Muckrackers Synonymous
Natasha Joseph
Chapter 20: Portrait of a President
Xiao Shu
Chapter 21: Stamping on the Moderates
Buya Jammeh
Chapter 22: Gambia Gagged?
Alim Seytoff
Chapter 23: China’s Darkest Corner
Alice Kirkland and Pam Cowburn
Chapter 24: Head to Head
Christos Syllas
Chapter 25: On the Ground in Greece
Eklavya Gupte
Chapter 26: On the Ground in India
Part III: Culture
Samar Yazbek
Chapter 27: I Write with Blind Eyes and Forty Fingers
Lucien Bourjeily
Chapter 28: Going Dark
Mohammad Al Ajami
Chapter 29: Coercion and Warnings
Part IV
Mike Harris
Chapter 30: Index Around the World
Milana Knezevic
Chapter 31: Words Count