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Modern Theories of Exploitation

Modern Theories of Exploitation

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Volume: 14

October 1987 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Theories of exploitation have provided a critical category in social theory as central issues in both liberalism and Marxism. Going beyond the traditional contention between liberal and Marxist theorists, this collection of original essays provides a thorough introduction to the main themes in modern notions of exploitation and explores theories about the circumstances in which exploitation occurs. The contributors analyze some of the classic theorists, such as the writers of the Scottish Enlightenment, the "Ricardian Socialists," mutualists, and Marx. They bring forward the concerns of these theorists by contrasting contemporary liberal theories, and theories based on the idea that socialism or communism is ethically superior to capitalism. Comprehensive, cogent, and concise, this valuable volume will be essential reading for theorists (and their students) in both sociology and political science. ". . . a generally stimulating collection for those engaged with the issue." --Political Studies "This collection provides a theoretically and historically balanced, comprehensive scope of its field of political economy. An important addition." --Choice "This collection must find a place on the bookshelf of anyone working on problems of exploitation and justice." --Ethics "This book examines carefully and challengingly many aspects of the definition and theory of exploitation. It is well worth reading and pondering." --Science & Society

John D Brewer
The Scottish Enlightenment
Andrew Reeve
Thomas Hodgskin and John Bray
Free Exchange and Equal Exchange

John Cunliffe
A Mutualist Theory of Exploitation?
Terrell Carver
Marx's Political Theory of Exploitation
Robert J van der Veen
Can Socialism be Non-Exploitative?
Philippe Van Parijs
Exploitation and the Libertarian Challenge
Hillel Steiner
A Liberal Theory Amended, Defended and Extended

David Miller
Exploitation in the Market
Robert E Goodin
Exploiting a Situation and Exploiting a Person

`must find a place on the bookshelf of anyone working on problems of exploitation and justice.' -- Ethics

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ISBN: 9780803980730