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Multicultural Counselling

Multicultural Counselling
A Reader

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Stephen Palmer - Centre for Stress Management, London, Centre for Coaching, London

March 2002 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The book contains comprehensive coverage of issues relating to multicultural counselling, still current ten years after the first of the collected papers was published. The discussion points after each chapter give the whole book a text-book feel, which belies its more general significance as a professional

'Raising cultural awareness and challenging assumptions, this book will be essential reading' - Stress News

Race is a complex and sensitive subject which has a direct and significant bearing on counselling. Multicultural Counselling provides insights and provokes debate about the impact of race and ethnicity on counsellors, their clients and the therapeutic process.

Edited by Stephen Palmer, this collection of 20 articles represents the multiplicity of issues raised by counselling in a multicultural society. It examines topics which affect all counsellors, including the dynamics of mixed and same race counselling relationships and the dilemmas which confront counsellors in how to address issues related to racism which are raised in counselling.

The book covers both theory and practice, outlining different approaches to multicultural and transcultural counselling, highlighting the racism implicit in some counselling theory and providing examples of multicultural counselling practice. The Reader also presents fresh perspectives on counselling from beyond the predominantly white, Western culture in which it evolved and discussion issues at the end of each chapter further encourage the reader to take a critical and questioning approach to the subject.

Multicultural Counselling brings to the fore the key issues involved in multicultural counselling and captures the full complexity of the subject. Essential reading for trainee and practising counsellors, psychotherapists, counselling psychologists and others involved in therapeutic relationships with clients, the book aims to raise cultural awareness and challenge assumptions.

Colin Lago and Joyce Thompson
Counselling and Race
Aisha Dupont-Joshua
Working with Issues of Race in Counselling
Zack Eleftheriadou
Transcultural Counselling and Psychotherapy
A Philosophical Framework

Colin Lago and Roy Moodley
Multicultural Issues in Eclectic and Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy
Stephen Palmer
Counselling Idiographically
The Multimodal Approach

Zoubida Guernina
Transcultural Family Therapy
Joan L Biever, Monte Bobele and Mary-Wales North
Therapy with Intercultural Couples
A Postmodern Approach

Nick Banks
Counselling Black Employees Facing Racism and Discrimination
Romeria Tidwell
Crisis Counselling
P L S Khoo, M H Abu-Rasain and G Hornby
Counselling Foreign Students
A Review of Strategies

Padmil de Silva
Buddhism and Counselling
Amanda Webb Johnson and Zenobia Nadirshaw
Good Practice in Transcultural Counselling
An Asian Perspective

Pittu Laungani
Understanding Mental Illness Across Culture
Roy Moodley
`I Say What I Like'
Frank Talk(ing) in Counselling and Psychotherapy

Waseem J Alladin
Ethnic Matching in Counselling
How Important Is It to Ethnically Match Clients and Counsellors

Pat Ward and Nick Banks
An Analysis of the Facilitative Effects of Gender in Counselling Practice
Roy Moodley and Shukla Dhingra
Cross-Cultural/Racial Matching in Counselling and Therapy
White Clients and Black Counsellors

Anita Pearce
Investigating Biases in Trainee Counsellors' Attitudes to Clients from Different Cultures
Petr[um]uska Clarkson and Yuko Nippoda
The Experienced Influence of Effect of Cultural/Racism Issue on the Practice of Counselling Psychology
A Qualitative Study of One Multicultural Training Organization

Peter Jewel
Multicultural Counselling Research
An Evaluation with Proposals for Future Research


'Raising cultural awareness and challenging assumptions, this book will be essential reading' - Stress News

Covering some important issues in multicultural counselling, this book helps raise awareness of the impact of Difference & Diversity in clinical practice. In linking theory to practice, it highlights some of the internalised and or unconscious bias that are present in different theoretical models. This book is a must read for all counselling training courses.

Mrs Ana Paula Wellbrook
Counselling and Psychology, City Lit
September 17, 2019

This is a wonderful book that I found invaluable when I was training, and find invaluable as a resource to recommend to students.

Ms Wendy Lejeune
Dept of Educ, Childhood & Inclusion, Sheffield Hallam University
March 1, 2016

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