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Organisations and Management in Social Work

Organisations and Management in Social Work
Everyday Action for Change

Fourth Edition

December 2021 | 360 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

As a social worker, you could work in a variety of different organisations, each with their own purpose, culture and structure. Understanding and examining the complex issues involved in the management and organisational context of social work practice is crucial for practitioners and managers.

This book helps you to develop strategies for ethical, reflective and relational practice, covers key themes including leadership, supervision, risk and decision making and emphasises the importance of active participation for positive change. Thoroughly updated, and with new Practice Examples demonstrating the relationship between theory and practice, this is essential reading for both undergraduate and postgraduate students of social work, as well as practising social workers. 

Chapter 1: Social Work in Organisations
Chapter 2: Theorising Organisations
Chapter 3: Organisational Change
Chapter 4: Communicating and Collaborating
Chapter 5: Decision Making and Risk
Chapter 6: Leadership and Supervision
Chapter 7: Accountability and Participation
Chapter 8: Experiencing Organisations
Chapter 9: Active and Ethical Practice

- Students find some of the more theoretical chapters a little heavy and dry. Revisit these and simplify the language. Add new glossary of terms to support students with complex concepts.

- Add more up-to-date examples and tools to help with the application of theory in practice. These need to connect with NQSWs.

- Use more visual to make the more complex concepts more accessible.

- Add in more material on culture- perhaps a whole chapter?

- Add new material on innovation and learning organisations

- Improve structure of chapter 5 by emphasising the service user role in decision making and link more clearly with chapter 7.

- Add more on the conflict between professional and organisation identity to chapter 9.

- Add in more of a discussion around Safeguarding in Adults

- Add more of a discussion on how regulation of the profession has ensured more control over workers and less opportunity to ask.

- Add more on the difficulties of operating ethically in a resource driven and risk averse world in practice.

- Add material on personalisation

- Consider more current debates around agile working, hot-desking which affect social workers as a group and as individuals.

- Cover classical management theory and Charles Handy’s ‘work in chapter 3.

- Add more of a discussion of power and the distribution of power with organisations.

- Add more of a discussion around sociological theories and the concepts of critical theories in the Introduction.

- Engage further with postmodern and post structural theories in chapter 2.

- Add more planning tools to chapter 3.

- Re-visit anti-discriminatory practice section in chapter 9 and make more applied/convincing.

- Add a new section on whistleblowing to chapter 8.

- Add more on the politics and the socio-cultural context in which organisations function.

- Explore organisations from an ecological perspective.


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