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Participatory Communication

Participatory Communication
Working for Change and Development

First Edition
Edited by:

Volume: 18

September 1994 | 472 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
This pioneering and thought-provoking volume explores the strengths, weaknesses, and complex nature of participation in many diverse settings while pinpointing important related concepts such as power and control, conscientization, and empowerment and self-reliance. Two central themes run throughout Participatory Communication: development communication must be dialogic and transactional; and development communicators must play a critical role in offering new philosophies, concepts, and models which facilitate participation at all stages of the development process. With its judicious blend of theoretical models and case studies and its refreshing ability to challenge received wisdom concerning participation, development, and communication processes, Participatory Communication will interest a wide range of academics and professionals as well as voluntary agencies. "This book comes close to being unrivalled for its scope . . . and reflects the sincerity and concern of the contributors for the toiling marginalised muted millions." -Economic and Political Weekly "As a professor of development communication myself, I intend to read the book again and again. It fulfills the voracious requirements of the duty to profess to students. It is a virtual encyclopedia on development communication, what with its 21 chapters dedicated to one or the other aspect of the philosophies, theories, models, practices, and history of that field, particularly the concept of participation . . . All in all, the book celebrates a philosophy that `has influenced a generation' of practitioners, students, and scholars of development and communication." -Media Asia

Paulo Friere
Shirley A White
The Concept of Participation
Transforming Rhetoric to Reality

Juan Diaz Bordenave
Participative Communication as a Part of Building the Participative Society
Pradip Thomas
Participatory Development Communication
Philosophical Premises

Thomas L Jacobson
Modernization, Post-Modernization Approaches to Participatory Communication for Development
Kevel J Kumar
Communication Approaches to Participation and Development
Challenging the Assumptions and Perspectives

Robert White
Participatory Development Communication as a Social-Cultural Process
Syed A Rahim
Participatory Development Communication as a Dialogical Process
K Sadanandan Nair and Shirley A White
Participatory Development Communication as Cultural Renewal
Niell McKee
A Community-Based Learning Approach
Beyond Social Marketing

Benjamin V Lozare
Power and Conflict
Hidden Dimensions of Communication, Participative Planning and Action

Joseph Ascroft
Participatory Decision Making
A Parable

Joseph Ascroft and Sipho Masilela
Participatory Decision Making in Third World Development
Joseph Ascroft and Robert Agunga
Diffusion Theory and Participatory Decision Making
Srinivas Melkote and Chandrasekhar Vallath
Operational Impasses in Knowledge Sharing
Case Study Examples

Sybil L James
Facilitating Communication Within Rural and Marginal Communities
A Model for Development Support

K Sadanandan Nair and Shirley A White
Participatory Message Development
A Conceptual Framework

Shirley A White and Pradeep K Patel
Participatory Message Making with Video
Revelations from Studies in India and the USA

Binod C Agrawal
An Experiment in Participatory Communication

Francis P Kasoma
Participatory Rural Newspapers as Agents of Development
A Reciprocal Agenda-Setting Model

Alfonzo B Deza
Media Production and the Process of Becoming in the Context of Community Building
Subhadra Belbase
Participatory Communication for Development
How Can We Achieve It?


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