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Paul Ricoeur

Paul Ricoeur
The Hermeneutics of Action

Edited by:

April 1996 | 224 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This major volume assembles leading scholars to address and explain the significance of Paul Ricoeur's extraordinary body of work. Ricoeur's work is of seminal importance to the development of hermeneutics, phenomenology, and ideology critique in the human sciences. Opening with three key essays from Ricoeur himself--on Europe, fragility and responsibility, and love and justice--this fascinating volume offers a tour of his work ranging across topics such as the hermeneutics of action, narrative force, and the other and deconstruction, while discussing his work in the context of such contemporary thinkers as Heidegger, Levinas, Arendt, and Gadamer. Offering a very useful overview of Paul Ricoeur's enormous contribution to modern thought, Paul Ricoeur will be invaluable for students and academics across the social and human sciences and philosophy.

Richard Kearney
Reflections on a New Ethos for Europe
Fragility and Responsibility
Love and Justice
Peter Kemp
Ricoeur between Heidegger and L[ac]evinas
Domenico Jervolino
Gadamer and Ricoeur on the Hermeneutics of Praxis
Jean Greisch
Testimony and Attestation
Mara Rainwater
Refiguring Ricoeur
Narrative Force and Communicative Ethics

Bernhard Waldenfels
The Other and the Foreign
Edi Pucci
History and the Question of Identity
Kant, Arendt, Ricoeur

Joseph Dunne
Beyond Sovereignty and Deconstruction
The Storied Self

David Rasmussen
Rethinking Subjectivity
Narrative Identity and the Self

Richard Kearney
Narrative Imagination
Between Ethics and Poetics

Gary Madison
Ricoeur and the Political
Robert D Sweeney
Lectures II and a Survey of Recent Ricoeur Publications
David Tracy
Ricoeur's Philosophical Journey
Its Import for Religion

William Richardson
Oliver Mongin's Paul Ricoeur

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